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So pleased that you will be back, and even more pleased that you will fill my entire drive rather than just the 8:30-9:00 part! You have been one of my main news sources over the years, and I have missed you.


"God is good ALL THE TIME, ALL THE TIME God is good"
Praise GOD!

Brian D

Mark, I listened to you on 'Day 1' of your debut in this market. Now, I look forward to listening to 'Day 1' of your "second coming" in DFW!
As you count down the hours, waiting to charge out of the gate, I'll bet that adrenaline's flowing like it hasn't in a long time - in a GOOD way!


Bill's audience will love you. What a great turn of events.


Congratulations from your Pa. correspondent, Mark. It appears that you not only have landed on your feet, but are equipped with sprinter's shoes. Take care.

Andrea Winters

So excited to hear you again on the radio! God bless !


I wonder what Mike Gallager thinks, and what he will do. Also, what does Bill think about not being heard in Dallas from 7:00 to 8:00?


To be more clear on my own position, I am looking forward to hearing Mark on the drive in. I wish I also had a sane, local talk radio host to listen on the way home.

Lately, Mike G. has been plenty sane, but I would not say local.

Maggie Wright

We've missed you!! God bless!!

Maggie from Burleson!~


Bill Bennett's audience will be as delighted as we are here in the DFW area. You offer a delightful mix of seriousness and wit. There is also a respect
for the audience on the Bennett show and you have shown that respect on your show too. You've shown that respect while maintaining the integrity of your beliefs. Like I said before, you can (and did) go national any time.


But I wouldn't want to give up our fantastic local show, so don't go too national!! ha ha

Bryan Wicks

The good news - it just doesn't seem to stop!

From a freeze out famine to a feast filled Friday in a matter of weeks.. how fabulous is that?

Best of luck in your new launch on Monday. Of course I will be listening in with great interest! :)


@Kent... You have someone sane on KSKY to listen to on the way home. The Wells Report is on from 5-8!

Michael Smith

Way cool Mark. I am so glad this was a short lived divorce. Since march 30 my radio has been set to KSKY, so I will be there ready to go at 655am


Not a word yet on KSKY.com about Mark's debut or the name change to "The Answer". Still showing the old schedule. Seems like Mark and Ms. Cloud have done the lion's share of the promotion.


@JHN- The new site is http://www.660amtheanswer.com/ and does have a Mark page all ready to go- even a podcast section. I'm so excited!


Thank the G-ds above!! Sitting here listening to you on KSKY...its soooooo good to have you back on my morning radio waves!!

Tommy in Corinth


Glad your back Mark! One question, will you still be able to fill in for Rush under your new contract since he is on a rival station now? Hope you still can.

Gary Harvey

Just got the news Monday you now have a place at KSKY. I will be a new listener to that station because YOU were the main draw for me at WBAP. So glad you are back on the air. God bless you as you settle in.

Jack Bing


Carolyn Peet

So what time do I have to get up on Fridays to find out that it is, indeed, Friday, and that I feel good????

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