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Ernie Carrasco

Freudian slip? -- "I just filed my Dallas Morning News column for tomorrow, which will be about the Obama ad obnoxiously asking whether Romney would have had the stones to take Obama out a year ago had he been President." I think you meant Osama (if that is the correct spelling).

A Facebook User

Congrats on Jake. My wife and I had our own majestic beast named Jake some years ago. He was a white lab, which I think is fairly close to a golden retriever. If your Jake is anything like mine was, you and your family are going to LOVE him. If you want I can send you a pic of him, so you know what you're in for. :-)

(I specifically kept my wife away from the adoption pens at FC-Plano this weekend, lest we end up with another family member, too.)

Fred Craven

I have a Mark Davis void in my soul...OK, in my Schedule.
WBAP is not getting as much of my attention any more.

And, the dog is cute.


"Exploring other options" is taking way too long if you ask me. It's turned into a wasteland of early morning nothing here in southern Cal, and I'm afraid you won't have enough warm clothing, beer, and sled dogs to haul you all the way across the Antarctic, or wherever it is you've gone exploring.

Miss your show like crazy, Mark. I didn't think I was so fussy, till you weren't there, and now everyone else is either annoying, or puerile, or just.... not right.

Come back, soon, and intact! And with plenty of souvenirs for the family.


Summer Sipes

You are missed horribly! Hang in there and lots of prayers for wisdom for you and your family.


Cumulus screwed the pooch when they decided to let you go. You were one of the best radio talk show hosts out there. And what in God's name possessed WBAP to replace you with this Ben Ferguson guy?! Talk about taking away someone's Porterhouse steak dinner and replacing it with a bowl of SPAM.

Patricia Holbert

I agree w/ all the above. As much as I like Hal Jay and the crew I can barely turn WBAP on. So sad. Get a show soon and let us know.


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