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Chuck Thompson

I miss you Mark. But I'm enjoying the running commentary on Idol. Mostly I agree - just as I did with your opinions when you were on the air.

It's really tough finding something interesting to listen to before Rush. Or after Mark Levin for that matter. I like Bill Bennett, but that's about it.

Your running commentary on Idol makes me wonder if anyone would be interested in a similar running commentary on DFW Talk Radio. Maybe I'll try it out on my blog and see if it gets any action...

Good luck Mark. Hope to be hearing you again soon. Very soon.

Katy Belew

Miss you Mark!! I was depending on you for comments on who is running in the Texas primary... I have really had to dig... would appreciate your comments...

Bob Laney

Let's just assume that you're not an Obama guy. Politics is a contact sport. Nothing coming your guy is bad, everything coming their guy is bad. I with you guys luck, because it going to take a lot to get your guy elected.

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