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I'm putting my betting money on Phillip Phillips. I mean, can you invent a better stage name than that? The girls like him, the guys respect the Dave Mathews-ishness/Joe Cocker about him. I think he will win it and here is why.
1) Your right about Hollie. As much as I like the cute little Texan, she has been passed by and I think will be out this week.
2) Joshua is too nitchy to appeal to a large audiance. He's great but will Interscope sell a lot of records with Joshua? Maybe in the Soul catagory.
3) Jessica is still my number two here in that she has the voice, is cute and marketable but is still very young and a gamble. But then again, so was Beiber....

Randy Patterson

My hope is that the two finalists are Joshua and Philip and it doesn't matter to me who actually wins. However, I think the final two will be Jessica and Joshua. The only wild card will be the "chick vote" that could take Philip to the finale AND vote Jessica out. Cat fights are such fun!

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