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Lauren Shanahan

Phil's last song was shockingly terrific and he totally nailed it. I think I can say now that he is my favorite Idol finalist from ALL the seasons. It looks like the producers already have something in the works for him if you ask me.

David B. Nelson

Out of the two left, I think Phil Philips is the more marketable and has something unique. It is like J-Lo said tonight, when you heard "Home" you couldn't think of any artist to which to compare him. Jessica is a dime a dozen and should have gone home last week.

Blake O

I don't care for PP's style. I don't like who he's compared to as well, Dave Matthews. He is a very talented musician though. I totally disagree with David Nelson's "Jessica is a dime a dozen". She has the best voice of anyone in this year's "AI" Top 12. The only thing that I don't like about her is her age. "Idol" needs to up the age to 17/Sr in high school. Maybe up to 30 as well. I believe that jr high girls will make PP the next "American Idol". Great! As PP is being called on the internet "WGWG". White guy with guitar. Ring a bell?!!? Kris Allen...zzzz Lee DeWise...zzz.

Blake O

Phillip Phillips' "Home" just about put me to sleep. I was wondering why the judges gave him a standing ovation after his bland performance. I guess that it's just me...I suppose. Both songs were blah. Again, PP is very talented, but I just don't like/get his singing style. And I love jessica's growl!!

Paul Ward

I finally figured out where PP belongs in the song world. This guy is a new generation of Paul Simon / Billy Joel type of a singer and no one can dispute their marketability over time.

If he will stick to that, I believe he will go further than he ever would trying to be a Dave Matthews wannabe


So glad Phillip won!

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