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Mona Leo

Can't wait to hear your wit and wisdom Monday!!

george doby

with you, jeff bouton, and glenn beck gone i had begun to smell a conspiricy now i see there really is one. the only reason i still listen to wbap is rush and levin. yes i have begun to notice some cut to commerciala and missed ques on rush's show this week also. hope they cut rush and another station picks him up tho i don't know who could in this area but guarantee sumone will

William Wallace

Mark, I am a long time listener, but I do not speak "Twitter" or "typepad" so I am blundering through this mess to speak to you. I smelled a rat a few days after your absence began. I hung in for a week hoping the "contract differences" would be resolved, but I could only listen to BAP for 20-30 minutes before I turned the radio off. The production values have gone far south, on-air talent has evaporated and all that is left is Rush and Levin for me. Cumulus has stolen a Ft.Worth Icon and moved it to Dallas. They do not even know what they have done. Amon Carter would be in their face if he were alive today. There is no one left that understands what that cow bell sound meant to the people of Ft. Worth. The "cutting edge" broadcast facility in Dallas is certainly turning out some bad radio...unless you like dead air and missed cues. Let us know where you land. You have an complete audience waiting for you.


Mark, You are sorely missed from our daily routine. You have and hopefully will continue to be a large part of our day. I have never called into your program, but during your tenure; my radio "was" permanently tuned to 820-am. I have tried to listen to Ben and wish him well, but he is not Mark Davis.

Living in a co-mingled DMA offers options others never enjoy. We have multiple markets available such as Wichita Falls or Abilene. While patiently wait for your return, myour radio is tuned to 1290-am, Wichita Falls.

I believe with every fiber of my being, "GOD" will open your next chapter and it will be amazing!!

Looking forward to your return, until then I will continue listening to 1290-am.

Kenny, from Eliasville, Texas


Mark, you are sorely missed. I know you have refrained from speaking ill of the station that so foolishly let you go, but I don't have to be so virtuous--the guy they've hired to replace you is boring, and I feel as though I lost brain cells for the few moments I could bear to listen to him while I was waiting for you to return...(the "losing brain cells" phrase was one I never understand until I listened to your replacement.) Once I figured out you were definitely gone, the radio dial was turned to 660; I only return to WBAP for Rush, and that's it--if they could get him over to K-Sky, along w/Gallagher and my beloved Dennis Miller, BAP could fall off the dial and I wouldn't even notice...

For at least 15 years I have loved hearing your perspective on everything from the Beatles to Bush 43 and beyond; you are funny and smart and principled, a trifecta of good qualities in a person or talk show host. I do love hearing you fill in for Rush, and wish you only the best in your next endeavor. Thanks for all the years of top-drawer radio talk.

Terry Butler

Mark you are missed
Outside of Rush and Levin my radio is off

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