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With Huckabee's first caller a Cume-less exec not exactly adding to his creditbility, Huck has a FAR way to go.
Look for Cume-less to switch formats of some stations just to carry Huck and Red-Eye, so they can claim market clearences.


I love you Mark, you are so right! I miss hearing from you everyday on WBAP. It was a big mistake letting you go. I am going to miss your reports during the legislative session. What are those guys thinking?


Mark, we know you will do fine, and we want you to do fine, but we want you on the radio in the morning. It sure is quiet here in our house (all seven radios off!) till 11:06 when Rush comes on.
I have even re-set the dials on our car radios! Can you tell I'm mad at Cumulus?

Kathy L.

... ...

Looking forward to the 14th, but it sure is nice to hear your voice, even if it is the printed version.


Huckabee is a nice guy, I guess. But listening to him is like sipping lukewarm ice tea. His program is boring.

Scott Robison

Cumulus seems to be moving to the next 'logical' step of radio consolidation. First radio groups bought up a ton of radio stations and eliminated costly local originated programming in favor of syndication and voice tracking. Now start eliminating the 'costly' syndicated programming too! I'm sure some other stations will be more than happy to pick up Rush should Cumulus drop him from their stations.


Cumulus wants the money that Rush provides but not Rush, hence offering the "gentler, tamer" Huckabee version. They are out of their skulls however if they think that is what the rest of us want and we will vote with their ratings. ...same goes with your replacement.


I wonder if your old employer realizes the main reason listeners tuned in was for the morning guys and you. They continued to listen for Hannity and Levin, they didn't tune in for them. You can get them on most smart phones and many other stations. I already found my "replacement" on another station, I use my smart phone to listen to Hannity and Levin. WBAP lost me, and I'm willing to bet several others.

Troy Bobby Bell

So what the hell is going on with “BAP?
It’s like the station is slowly being reprogrammed by the C-team or F-troop to be skiers behind the Tidy Bowl Man ... As a former OM / PD and number one air talent on several stations, I know you probably cannot respond... But if Cumulus thought this last ratings book was bad, just wait till the grating and whiny voices of the lesser talent become the norm and the station sinks further into the ratings abyss... The on-air talent right now is swimming in the shallow end of the talent pool... It is as if management has settled for “The mediocre are always at their best”
and "they don't ask questions" or “we can control them” – The overall sound of the station
sounds like it’s floundering... like their “give a damn” is busted ... Do they not understand it takes YEARS to get the station up there –
but only one or two “non-candy bars in the punchbowl” to pull it down in a hurry?
I’m so disappointed in the new owners and/or management... These are perilous times – and your voice needs to be heard... It is a sad sad day in radio... very sad indeed... and there is NO
replacement for the Mark Davis Show...


Mark - thank you for saying this. Somebody needs to say it.

What Cumulus did to you is just penny wise/pound foolish stupidity. But their playing tag team with Media Matters falls into an entirely different category. Media Matters exists for one purpose: to silence dissenting viewpoints by any and all means necessary. And yet the very foundation of radio and all other forms of media and the careers of everybody who works in media rests upon freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Cumulus is willing to sell their freedom and everybody else's along with it just because doing so will knock out a larger and more prestigious competitor. This goes beyond being an example of mere stupidity and short-term thinking - it is morally reprehensible.

Cumulus is no different than certain large corporations which cynically supported Obamacare knowing that, even though it would have a negative effect on them, the regulations would most likely bankrupt their competitors thus enabling them to pick up market share. It is the same short-term mentality that led Italian industrialists of the '20s who knew full well that Mussolini was the devil to, nevertheless, finance his party's rise to power on the premise that, at the end of the day, they could manipulate him and cut a deal with him. But, as they eventually found out through the destruction of the Italian economy and the blood of their fellow countrymen, if you cut a deal with the devil, at the end of the day, the devil always has the upper hand.

I wish you success at whatever you do next. And please keep speaking out about about Cumulus's betrayal of its own industry and of our freedoms whenever something substantive needs to be said.


Is history repeating...kinda reminds me of the KLIF implosion. So long WBAP.

Bryan Wicks

You've hit another home run with your current inning of inside baseball discussion, Mark! Thanks again for a great column, and I look forward to hearing you on May 14th.



Will you teach some of us up-and-comers how to do a great talk show??

Jim Hazlett

Absolutely spot-on, Mark. Will understand if you can't discuss it, but have noticed that BAP's on-air presentation of Levin's show has suddenly become "dirty" (missed open cues, ad clusters appearing out of nowhere, etc on a DAILY basis). Now that a large segment of the listening audience has learned what we've got here, it's become too easy to imagine the worst. Stay the course...


While I didn't listen to the Mark Davis Show daily, I consider myself a frequent listener, if not Live then through his Podcasts.

I am dumbfounded to hear that WBAP. Cancelled. Mark. Davis ?!?

What a HUGE mistake. I will follow Mark wherever he goes. His talent easily rises above the pack, which is why he is entrusted to fill in for Rush.

I am bookmarking this site NOW, to follow Mark to his next successful venue.

Don Hornsby

Thanks for the enlightening column. I am missing my daily habit of listening to you in the morning. Looking forward to the 14th...


Well... crap.

I moved to Dallas and got here the first day without Mark Davis. One of the radio things I looked forward to was listening to the local Mark Davis, since I appreciated his work filling in for Rush (and I like that Rush's fill-ins all approach their work differently.)

I spent 36 years in the biz, and finally gave up the ghost in 2005. I thought I had seen a lot of really foolish managerial moves in those years, but what I have seen lately from Cumulus and Clear Channel (disclaimer: CC alum, 4 years in St. Louis) really has me shaking my head. Thank goodness for SiriusXM.


I'm pretty sure Cumulus doesn't really care about ratings...as has been observed over the years of them taking perfectly good radio stations and destroying any and all credibility they have had with their community of license. It's all about debunking the basis of broadcast stations in the first place, ever more about political support, and less about public interests. I've been in broadcasting 30+ years and see the industry being trashed more now than ever before. "Walmart" style marketing doesn't work for the media...even though corporate bigwigs are busy trying to ram it down everyone's throats that it does. Companies like Cumulus and Clear Channel should be ashamed of themselves for destroying the core of the media values in the country. It's been 15 years since deregulation...the average listener has forgotten what real broadcasting is, and could care less with all the new gadgetry available to them. Quite simply put, the magic is gone, and these companies refuse to acknowledge that cookie-cutter "one-size fits all" programming is a lost cause. But hey, upper management banks a ton of cash each year, so what do they care what happens.

steve riley

Hello Mark,

You are great. I'll keep checking back here to see where you pop up on the air next.


Hi Mark,

I have Mark Davis withdrawel! ! There isn't a day that I have wished to have you back on air. Ben Ferguson just doesn't have it! ! He never will, CEO's in this case will try to destroy our freedom.
Please Keep us updated. I know you will be fine, but, what a lose to the air waves.

Dean Taylor

I fully expect the dimwits of the Cumululus heirarchy to drop Rush off WBAP and replace him with Huckabee. Any bets on how fast KRLD (or someone) will snatch the Limbaugh show up. Then we get to watch the Cumulus bean counters explain away the resulting 'BAP ratings drop accompanied by a decrease in revenue. Huckabee if fine, but he ain't no Rush Limbaugh....as Ben Ferguson is fine(although boring) but he ain't no MArk Davis.
I spent 25 wonderful years in the radio biz....but I just don't get the logic these media giants run with these days. But I'm old skool...I played the hits on vinyl 45s with the little plastic thingy in the middle. And we walked 5 miles in the snow uphill both ways to the transmitter to take readings!!!


Spot on as usual Mark. Miss hearing your voice to start my work day. Hope you find a local home soon. Cumulus is alienating themselves from their base... I'm moved on from Cumulus owned stations. I get my Rush from an out of market station now.

jordan 14 candy cane

I think Erika Napoletano is especially spectacular at pulling this off. She’ll talk about some awesome/shitty/outrageous that happened to her or someone she knows and leads with what happened and then shows you what you can learn from it.

Jack Mason

Thanks for this. I was looking for rush printing in Calgary and was looking for suggestions.

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