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Pastor Bill Lowrey

I had already switched to 660 after you left WBAP. So glad you'll be there now too!

Kim Spain

I'm so glad. And on the same station with my other fav, Dennis Prager. Very happy for you.


Can't wait to have you back on the air. Guess BAP will look to dump Rush when that deal is up too. That's gotta be a big check to write for a bunch who have trouble doing so. I foresee Cumulus taking a top notch property and turning it into an also ran. Well, was there for your first DFW sign on in '94...I'll be there for your second debut as well. Congrat's.

A Facebook User

Welcome back; I'll be tuning in.

Christine Martin

Awesome. No more trying to to find something to listen to in the morning. Congrats! Glad another door opened for you.

Linda Pinkston

Yay! So thrilled! Heartbroken that your former employer - on a station I have been loyal to for years - would treat you (or anyone) so shabbily. I have missed your level-headed and balanced thoughts on so many topics. I have no ill will toward Ben Ferguson, who was put in a horrible position, but morning radio for me has always been The Mark Davis Show. :) Looking forward to June 4th! :)

Donny Parrish

Great! Great! Great! Going to punch in my preset right now!

Tony Ming


Jennie Bohart

Mark, I am so happy for you, all your followers, and Susan too!!! We are so fortunate. I now have a reason to wake up early in the morning-it has been quite a while and I'm looking forward to it!


Tim Hogan

Best news of the weekend. KSKY has been the hidden talk gem of the DFW market and you will help take them to the next level. Changing my presets now.

Ron Dodson

Cumulus is not for us.

Curling. Crazy football picks bumper music. All that and more wrapped around my brain stem.

Love you, man. Congrats.


Congratulations to you - and to KSKY


Thatis fantastic news! I am unsure if I will be able to receive 660 AM over here in good ole east Texas, but I will most certainly be trying.

Lonnie Thompson

I'm so glad someone had the good judgment to keep your vast talent in the area. I will adjust to the different frequency very easily. Congratulations to you and to your many admirers.

Lori Fickling

Oh thank goodness, life will make sense again! Seriously, I am really excited that you landed somewhere. I'll be listening day one for sure!

Happy Republican

Thank god. We don't have enough 50+ year old conservative white men on the air. That's what's truly missing in this part of Texas. The chance to have another right wing zealot makes all the difference.

Rene Cote

Happy days! It will be great to listen to you again and how good is it for you to have your ace producer Susan Cloud by your side. Congratulations on the new gig Mark.

Martha Brothers

AWESOME !!!!! I am so happy for you and the DFW listening audience. Please tell me you'll play "I feel good" again.


Smartphone app rarin' to go!! Woo
--Bev in Sacto.

Captain Eric Svane of Flower Mound

Great news, Mark. Sounds like you will be airing over the time slot of that idiot, fake conservitive Mike Gallaghar. KSKY is on it's way up. Sadly, WBAP is quickly on it's way down. KSKY in the mornings with Mark and KTBB in the afternoon with Rush; My Schedule is set.

A Facebook User

GREAT NEWS! It will be great to have your voice coming through my truck speakers once again.

David Lynn

That is great news Mark. Let the listening and learning begin again.

john boy

sounds like susan is sucking to you mark, since she is going with you!!!!

Darren Lathen

Excellent! I have a new favorite station, a new default preset on the car radio, and I'll be bookmarking the live stream on my iPhone and home computers.

I can't wait to hear "I feel good" next Friday!

Cari Kelemen

I'm thrilled you're staying in DFW! Even though we could have listened to you anywhere you might have moved, we just like having you pop up around town.
I'm also craving your comments on many of the local issues currently brewing.

And I'm thrilled about your new time slot, and that Susan Cloud has been able to join you. SCORE!

Welcome back, Mark!

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