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Gordon James

Hello Cumulus, that loud, giant sucking sound you heard this morning at 07:00 were thousands of former WBAP listeners tuning in to Mark Davis on KSKY. WBAP R.I.P.


Glad to have you back. There was a big hole in my radio mornings.... which has thankfully now been re-filled. Best wishes for at least another 17 years at this post.


So very happy to have you back!!!

Michael Harris

I've listened to you since you started at WBAP. I've heard you grow and I really appreciate your experience and stance on things.
In the most important election cycle in our lifetime, it was driving ME crazy that a great conservative voice like yourself was off the airwaves. I'm glad you're back in too many ways.
If I was king, I'd put you on after Bill Bennett. Nothing like starting with Bill and coasting into your show. No more re-tuning my radio in the morning!
Welcome back and God Bless Us all!
Mike In Dallas

Marty Younkin

DFW without Mark Davis is like a Texas summer without rain. Once again, the airwaves are vibrant and alive with the expert commentary and analysis of one of the best radio talk show hosts in the industry. Our prayers have been answered. Welcome back, Mark. You have been greatly missed.


Yes! Sanity back to my mornings.....and a new 'number one' preset slot on my radio!


Great news, Mark. Congratulations. I hope you bury the competition, whoever they are. Good luck in all you do.

Greg Will

Mark, I now have a new radio home to listen to. I am very happy for you, Susan and Salem Communications. You are the best! Greg Will

mark shearer

Life is GREAT, your back. "MARK AND SUSAN" Salem communications you are BLESSED in many ways but to get Mark and Susan what a pick-up. KSKY are you ready to have the lead and WBAP follow. "Build it they will come". I came, time to listen to some new hosts.

J Johnson

Glad to have finally found you. Tired quickly of that east coast nerd (exactly what I called you 18 years ago) that replaced you. After hearing Hal Jay defend Holder last Thursday (21 June) I turned off WBAP (getting to be MSNBC light)forever. I will search for 660 Monday morning and have a new radio home in the mornings. Now if I can just find an alternative for that childish crock in the evenings... I'll start listening between 8:02 and 8:04 monday.

Kenny - Eliasville, Texas

Mark, I caught your comments on FOX today, They ran a tag below your name, 660am-KSKY!!!!!!

OMG!!! This made my day!!

Welcome back into my meager life, once again to keep me abreast of the important issue at hand..

I am out of the broadcast area, but my computer will work just fine. Looking forward to listening to you daily....

Judy Krahl

so glad to find you again Mark!! I'll be listening!!


I am a little late to the news...it took a billboard for me to start investigating " the answer". So glad I found the right one! Mark Davis - I have missed your voice. To turn the radio on and hear your voice brought a smile to my face. It was as if my whole day simply got better! Thank you for finding a local station - for all the selfish reasons it implies. We are so blessed to have you! I only wish I would have known a month sooner missed your response to SCOTUS finding.... But you are now set to my radio dial to listen to again. Even my kids recognized your voice..."mommy, that is the man you use to listen to ....that you liked!". God bless and so glad to have found you!!

Danny Meeks

Congrats on the move Mark. I wondered what happened to you but never could find you until I did a search on google. (Only a couple of months late finding you. lol) WBAP has made some dumb changes in programming in the last few years (Where the heck did Sam from Sales go?! and other bits) but not keeping you was a deal breaker for me. I still tune to WBAP for Rush but I now have a brand new pre-set button on my truck radio!

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