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Mark, I'm so happy to hear this news...though your recent relative silence made it obvious that *something* was in the works. I'm also excited to hear that Susan will be joining you. She is clearly a very special, talented lady. I've enjoyed getting to know her on the tweeter.
All the best in your new endeavor. I'll be looking forward to hearing you on KSKY.

P.S. Any chance of your show being podcasted? I loved being able to take you to work.

Roy Mitchel

Welcome back,Mark. It will be very good to tune in to your show on the 4th. Can't wait to get to the office next week and tune the radio to my new listening home! Happy Memorial Day and.. it's about darned time!

Debbie Cooper

Beyond excited Mark to have you back on the air!



that's good; glad to hear you didn't have to relocate your family--you were able to find a job here in town. Good for you!

I may drop by for a listen. I have found a new home with Ben & Skin in the mornings, but thankfully I can rewind their program up to three hours so I can listen to your show and then get in on Ben & Skin.

Thanks for the update!


Yea, glad your back. Hope Mike is still going to be on too.


Awesome. Hope the show is also streamed.


Great! So tired and annoyed with who WBAP replaced you with

Mindy Bateman

Yea!! So looking forward to June 4!

Chris P.

Could not be happier!! Back where you belong.


Mark, Great news. So happy for you as well as for us. We will be at an Election Watch Party on Tuesday night if you would like to join us. Contact me on face book for the info. Love ya man!

Kyle Felts


Bryan Wicks

This was a blog post that was weeks in the making. But I knew that this day would eventually come.

Rush Limbaugh spoke highly of you not all that long ago on-air, and it will soon be clear that your new employers are going to benefit from the well of good will that will follow you to the shores of AM 660.

And to double down on the class, you even brought Susan along for the ride! Wow, wow, wow! While Sean will be missed, I am sure that there will be capable technical wizardry available to make your show a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Congrats to you, to Susan, to AM 660, and to the rest of us as well!

Cue the James Brown, folks, because I FEEL GOOD!! :)

Patricia Holbert

Great!!!! Now if only Hal Jay and crew could join you.I am really glad you are back,really missed you.

Rhonda Berry

I now have a radio station to listen to again! Awesome news!

David torres

Will you still be able to fill in for Rush, when needed?
Welcome back!!!


YAY!!!! This makes me so happy! You have been missed.


You AND Susan Cloud? God has smiled on us, indeed!!! It has been a bleak two months with no place to turn my radio dial in the morning -- my two previous choices are now both Cumulus stations and I refuse to support them ever again.

When I saw the article on DFW.com I went right out and changed my car's presets to 660 AM. I know you won't be there for another week; but when you are, I will be there, too.

I'm so happy! We get you back again! YAY YAY YAY!!!!

Mona Leo

I am overjoyed! I'll still listen to Rush on WBAP, but it will be wonderful to hear you in place of the very nice but very vapid Ben Ferguson. Now we just need someone at night to counteract the kindergarten romps of Chris Krok. (shaking my head over the decision makers at Cumulus)

John Prindle

Yea! Fantastic! Glad you are back and I won't even have to change the dial. KSKY is wher I went when the new owners of WBAP made a huge blunder. Again welcome back. I can't wait.

Eric S.

Awesome! I'm so glad there will be something worth listening to on the morning drive again in DFW!

I hope they will still let you podcast it too.

Geri & Jerry Singleton

Oh, thank goodness! Didn't realize how addicted we were to your dry wit and your program until you were gone. Our gratitude to KSKY! Will we be able to pick you up via our computer?


My mornings will once again be complete! yay!


Glad it didn't take too long. Mornings weren't the same without ya. Glad Susan came with you.


So glad to have you back..Susan is a welcome bonus. Never thought someone could beat Obama at his game at taking something down the tubes, but those guys at Cumulus are sure giving it a try. There loss is our gain... Thanks for making our 4 day weekend even better!!

Sally Dolan

So happy to hear you are back on the radio! I had a suspicion you would end up there at KSKY!! Congratulations and good luck.

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