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Free Willy

Nice to finally hear someone explain the sudden loss of "the funny guys" as my very young daughter referred to them. That was the second biggest mistake WBAP made...the first of course being allowing you to get away. Looking forward to hearing you back on the air somewhere.

Bob Leonard

Very nicely said. I truly cherish the short time I had to work with and know you. You are ever the gentleman and a consummate "pro." All the best in the adventures that lie ahead!

Sharon Wall

Those hilarious segments on the morning show used to make me literally laugh, all alone in my car on the way to work . . . and they always got my day off to a happy start. I still miss them. And we all miss you. Looking forward to the next Mark Davis iteration!

Matthew Stoltenberg

Glad to hear that you agree that dropping the comedy was a bad idea! I really wish they had let you do a farewell show... You could've been visited by Andy Roony, Mystic Chuck, etc...

Jim Hazlett

At the risk of sending this thread all-comedy (ditto on how big a mistake it was to cut the bits), the one that nearly split my gut open was a hung-over Shorty Lavender mumbling "Hal... Hal... Hal... Shut up, Hal." I kept secretly hoping that Promotions would crank out bumper stickers with the BAP logo and "Shut up, Hal"

Vic Johnston

.....and then it rained. :>(


I agree that it was a poor decision to stop the morning bits. I never heard an explanation. They were just gone the same way I've not heard any explanation from BAP about you. You were just gone.

Thank you for sharing all of the above Mark. The people at BAP were a huge part of your life for 18 years and you theirs.... and ours.

Ruth Spollin

Miss you so much Mark and still to this day miss all those fabulous characters. Anxious to learn of your next adventure. Count me in.

David Mejorado

Here comes Friday and I don't feel good. Luv you man and I will miss your Friday intro.
David in Mansfield.

Barry Thistlethwaite

Several morning comedy skits caused me to pull over to the side of the road to laugh safely. One I recall was Willie Landum discussing Papa bass all bummed out because of how Mama bass was treating him. And Natural Howard toward the end was hilarious--I didn't know Eric Harley did some of the voices, or that Sean wrote many of the skits. Thanks for that peak behind the curtain.
I think many others realize how blessed we were to have your immense talent on the air in our local market. I hope you find commensurate rewards in your next gig--if so, you'll be as rich a man in the fiscal sense as you are in talent and good heart. As others have said, I love you, man.

Jack Bing


J. G.

As much as I love the morning show crew, my dial has not been tuned to 820AM in over a month. I know that I don't make a difference solely, but I hope I'm a part of a great multitude that's effecting WBAP's ratings.


What a crappy drive this morning to work without Mark filling us in on the news of the day. I will give the "new guy" his chance, but it is like replacing your kid with a cardboard cutout at this point. You just don't replace family.

John McNamara

Mark, I miss you big time. My wife and I have not listened to WBAP since you left.

Michael B. Smith

Same here J.G. I podcast Mark L. and Rush. Mark Davis - that was a wonderful read, I hated for it to end. What a pleasant walk through the eyars with ya man! G-D where has time gone, I feel so old now and I am only 48!

Luv ya man! Michael B. Smith, Haslet TX


Looking forward to your next gig!! Mornings are not the same without you.


Miss you Mark! I'm a lady trucker and after Hal and the gang you helped me get through my morning! Hope to hear you somewhere soon! God Bless You!

Dean Taylor

The wizards of smart at Cumulus strike again...
Too sad but I hope someone in DFW has the insight to put you on the radio again. SOON! Good luck!


"I'll leave you with the words of Christopher Robin, who once said to Winnie the Poo...well if you'd stop doing that in the toybox, I'd call you somethin' else!"
Sam. From. Saaaaaaales!

Bill Tarwater

Well after all these years i can look back and remember the good old days of WBAP.We miss you and hope to hear you filling in for Rush from time to time. Bill & betty Granbury

Mike Knickerbocker

It's been an absolute pleasure listening to you over the years, Mark. I don't think there is another talk radio host more glib than you (that's a compliment, BTW!) and certainly none more articulate. As someone with a great fondness for the English language and it's skillful employment, I've often marveled at just how damnably well you wield it. It seems as if you are always choosing just the right words and putting them together in just the right way, bringing crystal clarity to any topic. And your patience and ability to power through stressful conversations with, shall we say, 'difficult' callers is the stuff of legend. Hearing you maintain your poise dealing with an antagonistic caller, treating them much more fairly than their rudeness deserved, was always a thing of beauty to behold. Though certainly one could hear an edge to your voice, your unflappability ensured that decorum was maintained and good talk radio prevailed.
I've had the pleasure of meeting you a couple times at tea party events (you may remember me as the now-former guitarist for a certain notorious local rock band). What I'd like to share with those who have not met him is that Mark's on air geniality is no act. If anything, he is more gracious in person. It is amazing that someone who makes his living talking could be such a great listener, making one feel as if you're the only person in the room. I walked away from our first meeting thinking "good grief, why did I talk his ear off like that?" Well, the professional talker made me do it! In a room full of people, Mark gives you the impression he has nothing but time, and that you are the only person in that room. And I saw him engage the same way with everybody who approached him that evening. In short, the man is a Mensch. Good luck to you and your family.

Michael B.

"Every station provides content of a certain sort" and there was a time I emphatically believed no one did it better than BAP - thank's for 18-years. I never called in but I was right here with you the whole way.
- searching for new station presets -


Thanks for sharing Mark.

I actually grew up listening to all that great comedy as I rode in my grandfathers truck. Eventually growing to love WBAP as a young man myself.

Your show and Mark Levin are easily my 2 favorite talk show. I've been lost in the mornings without hearing your show. Can't wait for you to find a new platform and start anew.

Gary Livingston

Morning show has turned into the "oprah" show. I have quit listening to them since you are no longer there. Looking forward to finding you soon, old pal.


Mike Young

I was forced to leave WBAP long before I wanted to go and it was not even BAP's call. I was there but for 5 years, but they were a wonderful 5 and I will not forget certain time that we all had. Like the time that we all stood on the RV at TMS, cigars in hand, waiting for the green flag to fall for 43 screaming NASCAR drivers. That was one huge adrenaline rush! You always know when you work with class and professionals. 33 years in the business have taught me what to look for. While it saddens me that the new company refuses to have any foresight in your move, it does make me happy to know that you WILL land in a better place. I hope to see you again sometime Mark, I will not forget you.
Mike Young...

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