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James Teel

Message sent to WBAP

Your station has been my favorite for nearly 20 years. I spend more time listening to it than I devote to any other station (radio or T.V.). I have also chosen many of the vendors I use from among your advertisers. Being in the radio business you know your job is to make sure your advertisers know that spending some money will pull in more later. The advertisements bring in new customers to businesses, and perhaps even more importantly, remind old customers to come back. The problem is that you seemed to have lost sight of the fact that you to need to invest to gain or maintain a market.

I just found out that you have replaced Mark Davis with a cheaper alternative. The person you replaced him with is good, and may even someday become really good after he has some experience. The problem is you already had really good, but decided it cost too much. In the long run you might find that the good advertisement you got from supporting something other than mediocre was worth every bit of the investment.

I am afraid that after years of you being number one on my radio dial you will no longer have a place on it. I do not know Mark personally, but after years of listening to him on the radio, I feel like I do, and will follow him to whatever new station he goes to. I could be wrong, but I feel you really did not do enough market research on this subject before you made your decision. While it may take a while to catch up with you, I feel the market will follow the discerning listeners, a market this station has cultivated in the past but is quickly losing sight of.

Chris Shaw

You have been and always shall be our friend Mark. Until your conservative voice graces the airwaves once more Marksworld will just have to do!!

Maria Rodriguez

Like many who have posted here, WBAP was fixed on my radio dial and also voiced my displeasure to Cumulus when it became evident this would likely not be a temporary disruption in their programming. Now, I turn on BAP only for Rush and Mark Levin. I cannot begin to tell you how often I have wished to hear your take on current and national events especially now at the height of one of the most important elections in our nation's history.
Looking forward to hearing of your next, great destination. I, along with many others, will be right behind you. Hopefully, it will be very soon.

God Bless!


I remember listening to your Sunday show on WMAL and had only just started listening to your podcasts! First Rob Douglas' show and now yours. :( Is what it is. Take care and let us know if/when you'll be back on the air or on the WWW.

Dawn in MD

daniel patrick

Yep, just keep us posted. I moved to Austin from DFW, and I was amazed how much I missed hearing you locally. Silly, it was like loosing a friend. No, not some wack job fan, but listening on the web has been great. To steal from Rush, thanks for your excellence in broadcasting. Good luck, and know I'll be praying for you as a fellow Christ Follower. Daniel in Austin

Larry Jenkins

Mark, although I have never met you, as/omeone else said, i feel you are my "brother from another mother". My wife and I moved to the Dallas area 10 years ago and I have listened to to you every morning since.
I am amazed at how much we have in common. I am a year older, an only child and my parents have both pased, a Methodist, a conservative, your son Ethan was born 2 weeks before my first grandson. Last week i opened your blog to see a picture of a new golden retriever puppy. Three weeks ago we brought home a golden retriever puppy.
I will miss hearing you each morning as obviously so many others will. I look forward to catching you in a new venue soon!



I have listened to you on WBAP each day for the last 18 years. I feel I have lost an old friend. Get on the air soon, so I can re-establish our old friendship.

Peter Griffith


I treasure the many years that you and I shared as many mornings as my schedule would allow. I admire your ability to tear down issues to the real kernel and stick to principles that drive you, not just go with a gut-reaction or allow your emotions to guide your position.

Few people in your business can say that they use logical, well-conceived arguments to guide their opinions so consistently, yet be so open to listening to what the other side has to say. Your ability to give the opposing side a chance to give their arguments and then kindly refute any misrepresented "facts" or misguided conclusions they make made your show quite unique.

You never made up my mind for me on any issues, and you never led to an opinion I wouldn't have naturally come to after consideration. But you did help provide the food-for-thought that allowed me to come to my own conclusions on various issues. And best of all, you entertained me, brought back great musical memories, worked hard to bring me info from the political world and campaign trail, and even provided me with some degree of hope in these trying times.

I'm very disappointed that you will no longer be on the only button my radio has been tuned to each weekday morning. I know you'll be behind the microphone from time to time and soon, find a new home for your show. And trust me, I'll be listening in if there's a way to find you online or on some other station.

I get the impression that you could have moved on to other opportunities over the years but chose to stay here in Dallas. Thank you for that, and I'm sorry that it wasn't appreciated by the new ownership at WBAP.

Keep the faith... I love you man.

Melissa McClure


I have listened to you ever since you got to WBAP. I didn't agree with everything that came out of your mouth, but I sure liked what came from your heart. I wish you the best in whatever city you end up, and hope to listen via the web.

Since you have been off the air, I can't listen to WBAP from 9-11. It is just not the same. Ben might get to the correct final conclusion, but it is like slogging through mud for him to finally get there. You, on the other hand, were SUCCINCT. I like succinct.

Bruce Williamson

God speed my friend, there is a hole in my morning,there seems to be a lack of clear moral, intelligent voices, at least that migrate through a corporate mentality. I look forward to your next contribution. I regret not ever actually meeting, but remain in silent support.


That is what happens when you become bigger than the show jb



Love ya, man. I am a 24 year old, and have been listening to you since I discovered your program when I was 18 and driving to school at Collin County Community College in Plano. After I graduated 2 years later, I ran a retail store for 2 year and had WBAP on all day.

I didn't know that you were no longer under contract, and just thought that Ben Ferguson was filling in. He's not a leader or someone I can look up to. I looked to you to start my day, and when I didn't hear you anymore, I just stopped listening altogether. I listened to WBAP every morning for six years straight, and stopped cold turkey without even realizing it.

It completely messed with my routine, and now I find myself listening to Ben and Skin each morning (they are making me a fan of sports, that's for sure).

Hope you land somewhere soon.

EFS from Flower Mound

WBAP management are fools letting Mark go! I have been listening to Mark for years. Saddened when he talked about his 1st marriage. Filled with joy when he found his 2nd love. Listened to his daughter make promos when she was young and could barely talk. I was here when Ethan was born. Mark painted a mental picture for me when some idiot through a pumpkin through his front window. Mark helped me through the OKC bombing. He was there for me at 9/11, when my airline was used as a terrorist tool in NYC. Until Mark gets back on the air, I guess I will go listen to Glenn Beck On KTBB until Rush is on. Oh! Rush is on KTBB, too! Love ya, Man. You are family.

Clay Gray

Mark, I have been listening for years. I am old and set in my ways. Listening to you has caused me to consider all sides of arguments and listen to people that I would never have heard. We will miss you my friend, you have a following that never calls but listens for matters that shape our lives and our communities. Leadership is not always acknowledged out right but leadership is what you have provided. Keep us informed about yourself and your family.


I finally searched "Where did Mark Davis go?" and wound up here. I am saddened that we lost you, but pledge to continue listening where ever you go via the internet.

Mark Davis, you are a class act.

William Wallace

I do a lot of "comments" on liberal websites. I spend hours every day reading and taking jabs at liberals websites and their ideas. I am pleased that when I have taken the time to offer my opinion of Cumulus. I find I have so many people in agreement with me. I am a retired old coot and have seen too many great successful companies forced down the tube by MBA's and CPA's running a company that have no idea of the companies market niche. They try to run a company by their college textbook and ignore the real world.
Best of luck to you. Please keep us posted so your audience can show up in mass at your new "home".


It has truly been a pleasure, Mark. As always, you are gracious and speak the truth. You will be missed on WBAP, but we are all excited to know what your future holds and will be following you wherever that journey takes you.

All the best!


I for one can't stand Ben. I can't stand his voice. But I'm sure he couldn't take mine either. I just wish Cumulus didn't own KLIF and wish we could get you over there.

What I hope is that you can become a national host and still speak at times about local issues or situations like Mike Gallagher does for KSKY from 8 am to 11 a.m. For right now, he's a great WBAP alternative which we all need.

I'm a big fan who never called in. Now I wish I had.

R. F. Salsman

Mark I was a WBAP listener when Hal came on as a D. J. not talk but I don't care for either of the new host they have now. You were sincere about what you said & I could acept that even when disagreing with you.
These guy sound like they say what will please people some thing you did not do. Hope a local station will pick up and they will have to see how bad they messed up.
To bad Ken Jones dosent have the buget to do it. Reread It Is Ok To Leave The Plantation.


Alan Rawlinson

For the past 9 years, your voice of reason and common sense has accompanied me on my daily sojourn to work each morning. I feel a strong kinship with your views on nearly every topic, and immensely respect your opinions on even those where we differ. I can not express enough disappointment in the direction taken by your former employer, in some ways feeling a profound loss almost akin to a death in the family. However, before I seemingly go off the deep end, just know that we thank you for the role you filled for so many in that little place where we so wish we could all express our thoughts in your clear and eloquent manner...you are a role model in this regard, and will remain so as long as we can hear your voice somewhere, anywhere. I look forward to that reunion.


Culus is going to ruin The Ticket next time those personalities' contracts come up.

Joe Worley

Mark, I have listened to you nearly every day for the last 5 years. I am appalled by Ben Ferguson, and am looking for wherever you end up. As of now, I go to Chris Plant at WMAL as I always listen on the internet. I could tell the day Cumulus took over WBAP things were not the same. I have been a WBAP loyal listner for over 40 years and if I had the money, I would buy them and set things right. Good luck, wherever God takes you.

Joe Worley

Paul Perdue

I don't know if Benjamin is the same guy they've been running for the last few weeks but I knew we were in trouble when that guy repeatedly referred to Rolling Stone magazine as "the Rolling Stone's magazine". I wanted to call and ask him if he thought Mick Jagger was doing a good job as editor of the Rolling Stone's magazine. We miss you like crazy, Mark.

MUCUluS Radio will even out their bottom-line by homogenizing WBAP with lots of focus-group driven drivel and making your former co-workers sit through lots of long, dreary meetings. Be happy you're not there for what's coming.

Randy Sheridan

Mr. Mark Davis,

You have been one of the most pragmatic and sensible voices over the past decade. You were one of the reasons I gladly tuned into WBAP in the mornings. Not so much anymore. I think this move will come back to bite them. Blessings upon you and your family wherever you land.

Randy Sheridan

John McAlexander

Mark - Cumulus business plan sounds very much like the response given by Ron Johnson of J C Penny - he said that the stupid customers did not understand the pricing. Dumb mistake by Cumulus and dumb statement by Ron Johnson - customers are really important - listen to WBAP now only for Rush.

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