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Mark, I will continue to listen to the morning news on my way to work but, for, WBAP has been lost. Rush, Sean and Mark can all be found on other stations over the web which is where I listen most of the day anyway.

I have no doubt that you will land well but I am discouraged that a station I have been loyal to for so long would drop its biggest draw. The national guys are great but there's something about a strong local guy with local AND national news and views that they can't provide.

I look forward to hearing about your next venture and hope it is one that allows me to get my Mark fix at least a couple of hours each day.

Finally, for those at WBAP, it's not that Mark is no longer part of your team. As Mark said, it's a business decision you get to make. It is, however, the way it was handled. As a loyal listener to Mark since he started, my daily routine included listening to Mark while at work. Suddenly one day he's not there. No big deal except that he'd just had a week's vacation and had only been back for a week. I figured I missed something. On day two he's still gone and I still haven't heard anyone mention a word about him. Day three and now I'm concerned it's serious. Like a death in the family serious.

To this day WBAP has failed to even recognize that Mark is no longer with the station to the best of my knowledge. His bio and other items were wiped from your site with not even a "fair thee well" for the 18 years of service he has given.

As Mark said, it's a business decision you get to make and his part of that is one he gets to make. My decision is purely emotional and I admit that. I've never spoken to Mark but consider him family as I know many others do.

But I hope my, and others, emotional decision will impact WBAP's business. Whatever the financial difference was in your decision, I promise you Mark is worth it and more. I believe when you check the ratings books in a few months you'll see the impact Mark had when he was there and the impact your of your decision to let him get away.

What a shame.

Basset Hound

I hardly even listen to my radio at work anymore except for the music on KXT. It doesn't take much time before Ferguson's nasal droning becomes REALLY annoying.

Rog Rogers

Mark, we shared many a stage at Denton County Lincoln Day Dinners, and I will forever remember you for your warmth and courtesy toward everyone you met. Later, I was fortunate to be selected as an Advisor to the Republic of Iraq in Baghdad. Believe me when I say that the only reason I didn't go completely mad with homesickness was being able to catch Hal and the Morning Show and the Mark Davis Show via my internet connection. I will forever be indebted to you for that! Hope wherever you land we'll be able to listen in, whether it be by radio wave or internet connection.


WBAP Thank you for removing Mark Davis from your airwaves. He is greatly misinformed and spreads his "factoids" far and wide. We don't need to hear from Mark Davis anymore. Bye bye Mark. (Crossing fingers and toes he's really gone.)

Harold in Garland

So, not only did Cumulus leave you in limbo for 5 weeks, wipe you off the WBAP website without even a thank you for 18 years of dominance and loyalty, but they also insulted your MANY loyal listeners by making you "disappear"?? I realize that this is a business decision and one that they have every right to make, but from my perspective it appears downright FOOLISH. Their approach has clearly alienated many formerly loyal "all day" listeners. Someone said that they are managing the decline of radio? Well, I say that they are causing and accelerating it. Especially at this station. So, because you would not take as big of a pay CUT that they wanted you to take, they ceased to acknowledge your existence. I know, I know, it's strickly business, but it is foolish business. The marketplace will prove this to Cumulus. They will soon be known as the fools that not only let Mark Davis get away, but the idiots that walked away from him.

I look forward to hearing you again and I am trusting that God has even bigger fish around the corner for you to fry! In the meantime, I am struggling with the void in the morning. As a self employed listener, I scheduled my day to maximize my availability to hear your show. I also enjoyed and agree with Tom's comments above- thanks Tom, well said.

Thanks Mark, for taking the high road. You have left Cumulus with plenty of rope to hang themselves. (Hal and Steve- keep your head on a swivel!)

Bryan Wicks

You are a class act, Mark.

You walk the walk, and do so with a professionalism and verve that Cumulus could never hope to appreciate in the long term, if ever. I understand the reality of economics and bottom lines, but they ate their seed corn in their dealings with you. They do so at their own peril.

Where you go, we follow, and thanks to the technology of the 21st century, it is more easier than ever to do so.

I see great things in your future, but wish for that future to come sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the family time, work out the details to your next gig, and then get back on the air, so that we can all enjoy the restoration of the natural order of things:

You host, we listen, we call in, and we support the sponsors. Everybody wins!

God bless you and yours, Mark!

Jennie Bohart

Dearest Mark, my brother from a different mother, how I miss you in the morning! Even my coffee doesn't taste as good. I am looking forward to listening to you again, wherever you land!

J. Bohart

Ed Williams

I love you, Man!

john boy

Mark Davis needs to accept the reality of today's radio market and take a pay cut. After all, republicans are so in favor of letting the marketplace help people make diffucult decisions...well Mark, here's your difficult decision. Time to man up and practice what you have preached for years. Dale Hansen was smart enough to make that decision...you certainly are no better broadcaster than he is.

The worst part is accidentally tuning across 820 and hearing this little smarmy replacement they have come up with. He sounds like Shawn Hannity's younger, whinier, more obnoxious little brother.

Jim Smith

Watching your situation unfold has been a sad experience, like a death without a body and no service to attend to share great moments and stories with friends about a friend we all love.

My short radio career in highschool and college in the late 60's was with a small station on the coast of Mississippi. Our motto was "Jackson County's Biggest Booster!" As the local owners aged, they sold out to another company and we became a station of newsfeeds and lost our local appeal. The FM side went to an analog computer playing easy listening music and ads. No person to take requests anymore. The AM side quit doing all the local public service with the two highschools. we became just another station on the air.

Sadly, WBAP lost its' local personality (just like my old station) that could flash the logo all over DFW and draw a crowd. And DFW lost it's biggest booster! Bidness iz Bidness, but stupid is as stupid does. All those years from teen to adulthood of chasing BAP over the dial (no matter where I lived) as a clear channel station listening to the personalities from Bill Mack to Mark Davis has come to an end. 820 is no longer a destination. I will get Levin on podcast.

Janet Hall

Oh how I hope you are on the air again soon! It is not the same without you, but I also know that God must have something wonderful waiting for you. Give us some new call letters and we will change over!


Mark, AM and FM radio have taken a new direction which will eventually make it less important in our lives. I switched to XM a couple of years ago and now, with the addition of Pandora, I've found that local radio stations are not serving my best interest.

I will continue to follow your posts and hopefully will be able to hear you again in the near future.

May God Bless you, your family and your loyal listener base.

Bob and Patricia Hamilton

As faithful listeners, my husband and I are saying goodbye to WBAP at our house. We're looking forward to seeing/listening to you, Mark, in a much larger arena than WBAP. Good luck and God bless!

Jim Polozeck

Mark, my wife and I have enjoyed listening to your show for 10 years or so. Thank you so much for your insight on interesting topics.
God Bless you! We will watch this blog to see where and if you end up on talk show radio.
I met you one day at DFW in a Welcome Home the Troops function. Thanks for supporting the Troops. I am a member of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #920 out of Denton.

Chris Miles

Thanks Mark you are missed and I hope that you have better opportunities ahead.

Tim S

It is a crying shame that there was such an obvious gulf between you and Cumulus. I will continue to follow All Things Mark no matter where you land. Just as I have with Neil Sperry.

May God continue to bless you and your family!

Laura Oakley

Follow you? We will!

Randall Goracke

To the greatest talk show host in the history

Randall Goracke

To the greatest talk show host in the history of radio, hope to hear you soon.


@ cjonsson, if you hate Mark so much, why are you spending time reading his blog? Seriously, move on to your own kind.

Tom Wilson

Mark, I have listened to you most every day since the first day you "subbed" for Don Harris. I am very sorry that you will no longer be on WBAP, but I look forward to hearing you on the airwaves really soon.

Cris Perkins

Mark, Thanks for all you have done. I know you will land on your feet and will do well. I will do my best to follow you in your future. Please keep us all posted and God Bless!

Karen Bryan

I drive all over town in the mornings for my job and you have been a co-worker for the last 10 years. I've tried out the new guy and another station, but didn't like them. So, today I went to the library and got some audio books. With the upcoming primary I really would like to get your take and listen to some interviews on the candidates. I miss you!
God Bless!
Karen Bryan

Tim Mitchell

Mark, I first heard your show in 1998 and listened faithfully every morning for years. I even had the privilege of briefly meeting you at the state fair several years back. It was to my detriment that I had to stop listening a few years ago due to work obligations in the mornings.

I can't imagine any sensible scenario in which the ownership would choose not to renew your contract. Frankly I would have thought they'd close they place down before letting you go. But it is what it is, and it sounds like you're handling it quite well.

I've always admired your eloquence, your conviction of beliefs, and the analytical approach you took to conflict. I'll miss hearing your voice, though I suspect that the talent you have won't be off the air for long.

Alma Chavez

Mark, at 8:30 am we would turn our dial to WBAP to listen to you on our morning drive and I would continue listening at work. Now, I only tune in to hear Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Thank you for entertaining us for all those years. We eagerly await to see which door God opens for you. God bless you and your family! You are truly missed.

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