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Michael B. Smith

OH Boy, okay Mark, on ward and upward and you listeners, in the age of Star Trek can follow you where ever you go my Brother. Thank you for keeping us all posted and thank you for reading my blog about my thoughts on Cumulus. I shall and will follow your lead and all that you have taught me over 18 years. Blessed days ahead to you, Lisa, Ethan and Regina!

Sincerely, Michael B. Smith, Haslet, TX.


I first heard you on the weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. The last few years I would use Tunein to hear you show in the morning. Hopefully I will once again hear you no matter where you are.

Good luck and God Bless.


Now with this happening, I wonder what they will do to Hal and Steve???



I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I grew up listening to you, and your voice became one that was used to shape me into the man that I am today.

Wishing you the very best,

Free Willy

Looking forward to you finding a new home for your talent. I'll get Rush on his website, was tiring of Hannity anyway, Levin's podcasts fit my schedule better...I'll miss Hal but you and Rush were what kept me on WBAP. I think you're right, it's not WBAP anymore. Cumulus doesn't appear to be on solid financial footing as a company...if this experiment blows up in their face I expect there will be another new owner in the not too distant future. Just a shame to see a new owner screw things up when they were working so well. Perhaps we should all change out favorite station every 20 years or so. Kinda the same feeling as when Jerry bought the cowboys.

Tom E.

Mark, thanks for sharing.

Personally, WBAP has in effect lost a listener here. I used to tune into the morning show in the morning and listen through you, and if Rush was entertaining to me on that day, I would continue. I listen to Mark Levin, but mostly his podcast.

I am a pretty conservative guy, who likes the general message by Rush, Shawn Hannity and a few others, but you and Mark Levin are by far the easiest to listen to, and enjoy.

I wish you well in your future endeavors, please let us know where you wind up, so we can tune in.

Mona Leo

Mark, you know we all miss you and can't wait to see where you land so we can spend time together again on a regular basis. I cannot get my head around the decisions Cumulus is making regarding the metroplex gold standard, WBAP. I'm hanging on only because of Rush, Sean, Mark, and the morning crew. But any allegiance I once had is shaky at best. It's so sad to see a good thing ruined, and it almost seems intentional. I guess time--and listener support--will tell. And advertising dollars, of course.

God bless, and keep us updated.
Mona Leo

Pamela Petty

Mark, I've been a loyal fan since you began at WBAP. I plan to continue following you, so keep us posted. Happily, today's technology doesn't require a particular radio station anymore. Thanks for all the good years. I'll be listening to you on Rush's show on May 14th! Pamela petty, Cedar Hill


Cumulus treats their stations like cut-rate fast-food chains and caters their programming to a perceived lowest common denominator of society. If they think they can squeeze out a few bucks by “managing the decline” of radio, more power to them. However, treating their employees like talentless, mindless robots doesn’t exactly foster an environment conducive to creating an excellent product for listeners that will rise to the top in a free market. Citadel was certainly corporate, but comparing culture? Complete 180. Good luck to you.

Chris Sommer

Mark - just wanted to say how much I always admired the great work you did at WBAP. I can empathize with your situation as few others can...when Cumulus did the same to me (after 20 years of loyal service on Maple Avenue in Dallas), I walked away in January 2011. Best decision I ever made, knowing I'd never again have to be associated with the nickel-squeezing Evil Empire. All the best. Chris Sommer

Bill Todd

From across the street I watched Cumulus take out Susquehanna, then Citadel. Two sad days in broadcasting. You are too kind in your comments about how they treat the people that make radio work. All the best to you and your family. May another door open.

Greg Cromartie

I will miss you radio-friend. Let us know where you land and I will follow you there. Cumulus lost a great talent and this listener. God bless!

Michael Postlethwait

Here's what's hard for me: It's not just the fact that somebody I really like is leaving, that's bad enough. The part that makes this so challenging to accept is two things: (1) While I know that there are some in the metro who don't like you, we know that comes with the territory. On the other hand, you are probably one of the most loved talk show guys in the area, national shows included. I know you will be able technically to compartmentalize and at least intellectually differentiate between Dallas, and WBAP from the actions of Cumulus. However, it seems like you would almost have to be a super-hero to totally divorce your feelings about Dallas from the recent actions of Cumulus. That brings me to my 2nd more important point (2)Those who love you do not feel in any way like we have a voice any longer. It would be one thing if this decision had been made on the basis of the market-- like you always say, "let the marketplace decide." That didn't happen here. Cumulus will have to find out the hard way, if they even care. Much love my friend

Blake Circle

Mark, I was a relative newcomer to your show, but was sad to see it go. It had become a staple of my morning and then it was gone. I look forward to hearing you again in the near future.

Stacie Forest

So sad to hear that your voice on WBAP has been quelled, but I will follow you wherever you go. Keep tweeting and blogging until your voice once again finds another mic. Hope to hear it again very soon!

tim warner

I am in the Memphis listening area so I only hear you when you sub for Rush. I hang on your every word, I love your heart and your intelligent objectivity. You are too great a guy to go without a better offer.
DFW's loss, I think. I hope eventually to hear that something incredible has happened for you. God bless you Mark. Thanks for being who you are.

Debbie Laredo

I can't tell you how much I've missed you since you've been away. It's killing my morning! Impressed with your attitude and grateful heart, knowing that God has something even better in store for you. I think the new owners of WBAP have made a crazy decision--i hope it bites them in the you-know-what. I'm not as magnanimous as you. :) Looking forward to hearing you soon! All the best to you and your family.
A long-time listener.

Dennis Ewing

I have listened to you for several years on the internet.I also listened to another station Cumulus bought in another state. They removed the show I listened to there also. I listened to you over the local stuff. I will listen over the net where ever you land.

Annie Craig

Mark, thank you for filling my mornings with your wit and wisdom all of these years. I have had you with me in my office and in my barn for so long, I am certain that my horses are all missing you too. I anxiously await your return to the airwaves and appreciate your updates in the meantime. Godspeed to you in whatever you do.

Travis Jackson

I spent 18 yrs with you. I have enjoyed every minute of that time. Did I always agree? Absolutely not all of the time, but at least 95% of the time. It has been very interesting to look back and see how that time I spent listening really did have an impact on my life. I appreciated your opinions and the way you backed them up, and the way you made others back up what they said. This aspect, in my opinion, was key to the success of your show. No matter where you land, God will continue to use you in a big way. Remember, to whom much is given, much will be required. So far, so good. Thanks for the years at WBAP. When in Paris, don't be a stranger. Lunch will be on me.

Nancy Dillard

You are very gracious in your thoughtful remarks. We are praying that the door God is opening will be HUGE.
SO sorry about the business model that Cumulus has brought to WBAP. I will miss their dominance in the north Texas market.
Looking for great things for you professionally and for your family.
Nancy Dillard

Ryan Steyn

I'm FLOORED at the news that we're losing you on the WBAP airwaves. Ben is a great host, but my mornings just aren't the same. You'll be greatly missed. Good luck, and I hope that wherever the winds of change take you, it'll be toward national syndication so we can hear you again somewhere...

Take care, Mark.
Ryan Steyn

Lori Welch


I have listened to you for several years. My mornings in my kitchen are just not the same. As someone said, Ben is a thought provoking host and he's on the mark (pardon that, no pun intended!), but he's not you. You just have a different something. Please continue to let us know whats up with you, your thoughts, and your family. I feel like I lost a friend next door to another state! I will follow and listen to you wherever you go!

Alonzo T. McZephyr

I often wonder if Cumulus ever considers what the listeners want.

Chris P.

Mark, wherever you land, we'll be there. I listen to you from Atlanta, GA, so it truly is a global medium.

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