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Dennis Ewing

I never thought I'd live long enough to see a president worse than James Earl Carter. I'm really sad for my country that it had to happen. I have been in Romney's corner since 2008. I hope his business credentials will be the thing we need to pull this economy back together. It will be too late for me. I am closing my business of over 27 years. After 4 years of Obama's meddling with the economy I have run out of cash to keep it going. Had anyone else won the last election I really think this economy would have righted itself in 2 years. the communist in chief has kept it going to meet his goals.

Bob Tomlinson

I have to agree. I never thought there would be anybody as bad as Carter.. Dang if we didn't find one.

Sure hope the country wises up in a hurry.


RE #9 - stop watching day time television and put all your thoughts in a book. I am following your tweets and blog, but need you back on the radio. I noticed while trying to listen to the KSKY guy in the morning, they all have books. You need one!

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