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Thomas Sullivan

Bud "Cheeseburger" Kennedy has a new hit piece designed to mislead on the conditions of your absence. Hopefully you'll repay the favor soon, as his cholesterol's not working fast enough for most of us...

Randy Johnson


I have enjoyed you very much since discovering WBAP talk radio a few years ago. I have a feeling this current situation is only going to be a step in an even greater part of your career. I will be praying for you and watching for the good news I know is about to befall you.

R. Johnson


Bring back Mark Davis or tons of advertisers will drop cumulus like a rusty switchblade. They slash and burn and wonder why, they cut they meat out of everything and they .leave it to wither and rust.


@Futuremonkey, your comment has to be one of the most disgusting and insulting sentences ever crafted. Shame on you.


Really? Because I'm pretty sure that's what they (cumulus) does to almost every station they buy. Find the article in the Atlanta Business Journal from the CEO of cumulus radio and then tell about " vile and disgusting". Bring Mark Davis Back!

Schuyler Ostrander

Mark, I'm 24 and have been listening to you every day since 19, about a year before Obama was elected.. I don't like this change at all - but I understand contracts and I am certain you have good reason to take this position. Know you have a ton of people that will follow you wherever you decide to call home.

Miss ya man

Shelley Graves

Mark - I miss you so much!! Mornings aren't the same without you. I've been a loyal fan since the 2000 election. Can't imagine this election year without your voice of reason...

Peter Wurzbach

I'm really sorry to learn this news. I started with when you came here in 1994. I firmly believe that when one door closes, another opens up. I hear they also canned Laura Ingraham. I should have known when she began broadcasting Monday on what sounded like a different network (I listen to her live streaming). I wish you and your family the best always. Petezilla.


I sure hope a the contract issues can be worked out. Mark Davis is my favorite talk show host. If I could only hear one show a day, I chose Mark. Mark addresses issues with clarity and civility. His knowledge of history and political issues is deep. I feel like I am losing a friend.

Bob Williams

Give it a rest. Mark was a shill for Santorum.


I am sorry you are not with 820 and the circumstance. I just thought you were on vacation. I listen to the replacement for an hour then turned the station. I will show my protest with the station owners by making a list of the advertisers and telling the advertisers I will not buy their product if they continue to do business with that station. If you come back I will end my protest. At least for now we can still protest. Only in America.

Danny Dodson

I've written to you several times, and have listened for almost all of the 18 years you have been in North Texas. First and foremost, Godspeed to you on any future endeavors. I pray that will include being back on the air somewhere in the area. You ARE a voice of reason. My best to you and your family.

Danny in Mesquite
(Actually I live in Forney now, but that's the way I always signed my emails to you!)


Sam from Fort Worth hopes you land on local air soon

 E Burke

It will be really strange not to have you on BAP. What will we ever do? So now where do we go when we want to know what is really going on? I guess I will have to turn my radio dial off of WBAP


Between his restaurant smoking advocacy, fawning for Santorum, and his inability to tolerate a differing opinion from callers, it appears Mark has finally begun to amass enough complaints - and to lose enough market share - to cause the station owners to reel him in. Either that, or his britches have gotten so big that he is demanding Limbaugh salary and not getting it.

I don't dislike Mark. I just don't like how he comes to each show with opinions set in stone, and no amount of logic or reason can sway him. So, as a "talk show" he often fails - his has instead become a "listen show", where we are to listen obediently and accept The World According to Mark".

No matter the size of one's ego, no individual is always right, and I'm afraid Mark has been drinking his own Kool-Aid for so long he has lost objectivity and perspective. We all need a little reality check from time to time, and I'm afraid Mark might be facing one now.

Learn from this, grasshopper! I'm sure you'll land somewhere.

Kathy L.

Please, dear Mark, either come back to WBAP or start your own nationally syndicated talk show that covers the same time period. Perhaps three full hours might be nice.

Southern Cal has nobody like you, and I started listening full time when your Governor got in the race. I was hooked about thirty minutes in. You've got a style like no one else, and a clarity (sometimes it's CLARITY) that's both refreshing and necessary.

Miss you like crazy. If you're ever down our way, give me a tweet. We'll do lunch. There's a fab seafood place, or perhaps we'll take the boat across the bay to a great Italian place. Anytime. Bring the whole family.

Michael Ryan

I was checking the blog for any possible updates that may involve either bringing Mr. Davis back to where he belongs at the station where he dominated in program ratings, or perhaps a new gig for us take our business elsewhere.
Instead, I found some of the most remarkable testimonies of appreciation from the listeners of the Mark Davis show.
This one from Kathy L. in California Blew my mind. Hey Mark, its good to be the king.
"Miss you like crazy. If you're ever down our way, give me a tweet. We'll do lunch. There's a fab seafood place, or perhaps we'll take the boat across the bay to a great Italian place. Anytime. Bring the whole family."
That comment and so many others are a reward that will never be matched in dollars and cents. Few people will ever have the oppurtunity that Mr. Davis is currently enjoying of being able to experience, while alive mind you, the full extent of how you have made peoples lives more enjoyable.
Keep us updated on your future plans.
BTW, in my earlier post I made mention of both my age and race, I did that only becuase all to often if you tell someone you are a WBAP listener, from Texas, and they know your a white male, they automatically assume you are a conservative. Not so, Mr. Davis brought people of all races, ages, socio economic status, education, and political affiliation.
Take Care Mark
Liberal Fan Michael Ryan from Fort Worth


I miss you Mark. My mornings will not be the same without you. Please let us know where you end up.


Darn it! I incorrectly thought that you were on vacation last week! They lost another listening. I'm now listening podcasts of some other night time host during the day.



What can we do to assist you in the amiable completion of this contract? We want you back on the BIG BAP right away! Got to have my MD on BAP in the AM! You and Rush get me through my work day and help to be a better informed citizen.

As in the prayer of Jabez, whatever happens I pray you will prosper and your territory will be enlarged. God has wondrous plans for you.

God bless you my radio friend.


Truly hope Cumulus comes to their senses. If not, count me among those who will listen to you via the internet wherever you land. It has been a lot of fun to have national show quality in a local show format for all these years. You've got all the game Hannity or Levin has and the only reason you don't have Hannity's national spot is that he got there first.

This kind of change is no fun...for you or for us. Thinking about you brother.

Free Willy

Cumulus and Tiger Woods....both took something that was awfully close to 'as good as it gets' and decided to tear it apart because they thought they could build it better. What they fail to account for is the likelihood that once broken up, the pieces don't fit back together again. Remember New Coke?


It absolutely ruined my morning when I tuned in and didn't hear your voice! I am so sad you are gone. If you end up somewhere else, know that I will definitely follow!

Carolyn Simpson

I think Cumulus must be run by a bunch of liberals who don't want your conservative voice heard, especially since you have the nerve to voice your support for Rick Santorum, the TRUE conservative in the Presidential race! We love you and miss you, Mark! God bless you!


P. Caballero

Mr Davis,

I have listened to you and read many of your writings in your column for a very long time. While I sometimes did not agree with you on some things, I did feel that you always presented a factual side to many issues facing all of us, without distorting the truth. You always seemed to be fair in letting folks say/share their opinions - even if you did not agree with them. I know this is only a temporary pause for you. You will find a new home somewhere and we will find you and continue our over the air relationships with you. Please continue with all the good work you do. God bless you, all of our troops and God Bless this beautiful country!

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