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Judy R-B

I miss you very much. I will just have to listen to ESPN or 660 during my morning drive. I always flip to WBAP at 8:45 but when you are not there its on to another station. I like your non-screaming and logical method of presenting the issues. I hope someone here gets you. Cumulus did not make a smart move. We don't want you to leave the area.

james Gibson

Mark we all miss you Wbap/klif marketshare must be in the tank about now. Davis Bolton and Beck all gone within 2 weeks of each other. I smell rotten fish in DFW. I know your not a conspiracy beleiver but something is a miss. I hope you find your way back on a local market soon. When you where silenced we lost too much.
I hope the big boys in conservative radio land are paying attention and pool their resources to get you as well as the other two back on the airwaves. I too am believer and we all know its in Gods hands. So I'll pray a little harder. Morning just aint right, right now. I'm listening hear you soon!!!!!!

Thanks The Rocket Scientist


Still waiting for my Mark Davis fix on the radio! Don't care where, just get there and your listeners will follow! Hurry dude, seriously lame listening these "daze" until you resurface!

aleeta king


Miss you in the mornings. I too thought you were on vacation at first, but then when it got into the 2nd and then 3rd week, I knew something was not right. Ben, your substitute, is ok, but it is just not the same. I finally turned off the radio this morning. I want to listen to you and your commentary. There really is no replacement. I started listening to WBAP because of your show, and then I expanded to the rest of the line-up. I sent a message to the station, but never got a response. Hope to hear you back on the air soon! Let us know what happens.

Aleeta, from Flower Mound

Terry Green

Mark I have listened to you everyday since the late 90's . Most times I agree with you . Sometimes I don't , which is one of the things I most like about you. You cause me to look at all sides of an issue and your not afraid to be always fair whether you agree with an individual or issue or not. That is called UNBIASED Real Journalism . Wherever the road takes you I look forward to listening to you again very soon .

Marty Vercic

Mark, you are the best at what you do!! I hope it's BAP, but I'll follow you to whatever station you end up on.

Pamela Cates

I have really missed your show....Just need to know where you land. WBAP is losing a great asset. I really appreciated the respect that you gave to people that had opposing view points. I think you have the same kind of class as Tony Snow.



Wow, since you have left Mark I have not tuned into WBAP which I had listened to for Lord knows how long now. Don't get me wrong Rush, Sean and Levin are great but you filled us in on the local stuff. I feel less informed without you. Let us know where you you go and that is where I will set my dial, internet, sirius/xm ....whatever. Goodbye, my old friends at WBAP...Hal, Laura, Monte, Steve...your good but Mark is the reason I tuned in. Best of luck to all of you! The new owners...not so much love there. Long time listener no more!

Gary Mock

I no longer listen to the station after the early morning but pick back up with Rush if I can. Will be looking for where you go to if in the area.

Gary Mock

After thinking about it why would anyone want to move to Dallas? You need to get a visa and shots and put up with the traffic and get a CHL.

geoff gill

I'd like to think I understand what's going on here is a disagreement on how much someone is paid. Let's face it, I doubt its about what you say on air Mark. If correct I have some thoughts.
1. As an unemployed IT guy the past almost 2 years if pay is the issue perhaps you need to be realistic.
2. While you may be good you're not Rush or Mark Levin.
3. Check your ego at the door. I've taken a huge pay cut.......down to $0, so perhaps a reality check is in order.
4. While I didn't listen 100% of the time you're better than what's on now, which doesn't mean you need a raise.


Wow, I can't believe it! Mark, I really miss the voice of reason and humility on BAP. The new guy is "OK" but I bet he won't be doing many stints on the EIB network. Maybe if they got Billy Hayes to replace you I would only grumble a couple dozen of times each week, but it's not gonna be the same without you on my morning radio dial. I'm going to miss agreeing with you on most stuff and then screaming at my car radio on isolated occasions because of some silliness -- on your part of course. Not that I scream at my car radio that often... Can't think of many people that I'd love to buy a beer (and hang out with for a few) more than you. You are officially missed! Wow, still can't believe it...dude, come back!!!! Texas needs you! America needs you!!


Miss you Mark! As someone already posted - I didn't listen to WBAP; I listened to you - I just pray you get back on the air somewhere and that I can keep listening. God Speed!

AnnaMaria and Todd Emerine

My Wife,AnnaMaria and I have listened to you for all of the 18 years that you were at BAP. I can remember your daughter announcing, "It's the Mark Davis show" and "how's your prostate" and the trips to Kincaid's for burgers and cigars. I am very sorry that the business geniuses at Cumulus couldn't figure out what an asset you truly are. I thought the idea was to get ratings to drive ad rates. Apparently not. The Cumulus stock price is now $3.02 I look forward to your next gig.


Ruby T

They dump YOU but they keep that horrific news lady with the "Cwoffe Twok" New York accent?!?!?!

I *MISS* you Mark!! I feel less informed in the mornings! Where's my happy friend with the fantastic vocabulary?!?!

Interested in doing a web podcast? I would absolutely download and listen to it!!

I thought you were on one really long vacation with the family until I heard you mention something about 'former' station while subbing for Rush this week.

Kenneth Inman

When I goggled "Where is Mark Daivs" I only got to the 'D' bfor it was on top ... says a lot you are missed.


You are truly missed. I have listened to WBAP for over 40 years, country station, Rangers games, but since you have been gone; NO WBAP for me. What a dumb move by Cumulus.

John McAlexander

Mark - great to hear you will be on 660 - June 4 - will be listening and calling - great to have you back.

Gary K.

Miss you greatly, Mark Davis, and have wondered why you weren't on every morning for the past several weeks. WBAP has been my #1 station, but without Mark Davis (due to the Cumulus takeover and their failure to negotiate a contract renewal with you thus far), I'll just have to tune-in the other fine stations in north Texas.

Mike S

***** BREAKING NEWS ****
HE'S BACK ......... YIPHEEEE!!!!!!!


Hey Mark, good to hear you on the radio again on what I think is a better station! On your analogy using the invasion of Normandy as a simile to the victory of Scott Walker, I think it IS appropriate! After all, we do have a president who seems to think he is a WORLD president, not just an American president.
Keep up the good work!

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