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Buddy Rose

I really miss you - you've been a regular part of my mornings for five years now of self employment. I hope you resurface on the local airways very soon!


Well snap.

Michelle Smith

Praying for you and you are totally missed!

Carolyn Ireland

Not sure what we will do without you on our radio in the mornings. May the new owners come to their senses.


Drop that station like a disabled wife and don't look back.

Ben from Paxton Country

Hurry up and get the lawyers to figure it out. We need you on the air! Every conservative in North Texas loves you. We are praying for you.

Enjoy the short vacation.

J Kyle

Cumulus is taking you for granted. My hope is a contract can be worked out. You are too talented to be on the bench for very long! WE WANT MARK... WE WANT MARK!!!


Who will run with me everyday? You keep me company 4-6 miles everyday (and you didn't know you were getting your cardio in). You are the only talk show host I can listen to at length, you are well informed and always a gentleman. You will just have to sub for Rush more often...

Michael Ryan

I consider myself an independant. I would describe myself as leaning more liberal on social issues and I will miss what Mr. Davis has to contribute to us all regardless of our personal ideologies.
As a 48 year old white male who has lived his entire life in Fort Worth, having someone of both local and national recognition give respect to those of us who may not agree often on many of the causes of and the solutions to many of the social issues we are faced with today, I am very ticked off that something could not have been worked out to keep Mr. Davis on WBAP radio.
I can not stand Rush, Sean, or many others who in my opinion thrive more on seperation of people and who I believe are nothing more than professional complainers. Mr. Davis was different, he could express his views, listen to yours that may differ without using personal attacks. He is a class act.
I cannot think of many reasons right now why I would ever listen to WBAP again and that is really disappointing to this long time listner.
Michael Ryan

John Muzyka

Cumulus needs to know that they need the Best on their Station and that hitting lead off is Mark Davis. If Cumulus does not get with it they will lose listeners big time....They will hear from us. In the meantime I will not listen to cumulus stations.

This is solely my opinion base on how Cumulus continues to try to ruin my favorite stations. This is MY OPINION and no one put me up to writing it.

T Smith

I don't listen to WBAP. I listen to Mark Davis. You should be where the entire country can hear you, not just DFW. Just let us know where it is so we can find you.


I hope you end up back at WBAP, but thanks to the Internet, I can listen to you anywhere, so best of luck!


I've been listening to WBAP less and less as their formatting has changed over the years. I think your leaving will be the nail in the coffin for me. You are the only voice of reason in the lineup. Rush, Sean, Levin are all too over the top for me. Best of luck

Mike Skiles

We need you back...a voice of reason....Good bye WBAP!

Gilmer Smith

Go to the Eagle Mark... you and Russ would rock!!!!


Mark David introduced me to world of talk radio and the book of Urantia. I will land back at WBAP or another radio station. Maybe, XM/Sirrus?

His voice will be heard! You can not muffle his oppinion.


Mark Davis rules!


I thought you were just out on vacation or something. We need you back. You are a wonderful host and a necessary part to my wek.

Badkack jones

Creative destruction Mark, maybe u should come down on your money

A Concerned citizen

Go back to satellite radio like you did several years ago. Take the 8-11 slot because Glen Beck isn't worth the air he breathes IMO.

Martha Brothers

I wondered why after you had your 18th anniversary show you disappeared. I don't think that cumulus has done a good service to the listening public.

Tom Burris

Luv Ya Man!!!

Good luck with all this.


I hope the contract negotiations can be resolved in timely fashion. My "alternative to Mark Davis" aka Jeff Bolton has been traded for bland news coverage... so for my lengthy commute I had no choice but to switch to CDs!


This is a significant blow to the informed public. Cumulus has already ended conservative talk in the mornings on their other station, 570 KILF, and now Mark. Who's next, Rush? There are no other morning substitutes on the air. Time to start streaming out of town stations over the net and forget about local radio. Thanks a pant load Cumulus!


I am going through withdrawals. Please come back.

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