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Presidential used to mean character, integrity and statesmanship.

Today, it means caricature, insanity and salesmanship.

Scott Robison

Sadly it predates Clinton. Nixon's "Sock it to me?" on Laugh in came practically a generation earlier.

Chuck Thompson

Really, that's just embarrassing. I'm happy you put the link up because I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. And I think the "slow jam" is a great idea - just not for the President of the United States making a political/campaign statement.

Maybe Fallon, Maher, SNL, etc. should do something related to the phony "Universities-for-profit" that are selling these kids on the value of going into debt for the rest of their lives for a "Criminal Justice" degree while lobbying for Gov guarantees on the loans which end up locking the kids into a debt situation as bad as debtor's prison.

Julie Songy

I'm sorry, it wasn't even funny to me because I was so nauseated watching what looked like a desperate attempt to be 'cool' (which he is not)and to get attention, from the person who is supposed to be the leader of this country. I'm not opposed to a president having a sense of humor, and participating in something funny, but this president goes overboard with this attention-getting stuff of non-substance on a regular basis because he is inept at being a leader and doing what he needs to for this country. HE thinks he is cool, I think he's a joke.

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