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Looking forward to hearing you on the air again, Mark.

Here's a thought with some degree of serious to it. You, Mark Steyn, and Mark Belling - the three "Mark subs" for Rush - ought to form a collaboration of some kind to play off that mutual connection.
It could be any or all of a blog site, a regular radio or webcast show, a forum, etc. You each bring good, unique qualities to the table. The synergy would be interesting.

John Barlett

Mark...John Barlett here...hope you're great...I was hoping you would do the show from down here in Palm Beach...

I am going to be in DFW for the NAB show in Sept...lets make sure to get together and have another cigar summit..I will be bringing the secret cigar briefcase along this time to aid in the process

Give me a buzz anytime or hit me up on facebook! JB

Sarah S.

YAY! Mark Davis back on the air. Can't wait! I applaud your professionalism throughout all of this and will most certainly honor your request -- and you -- by doing likewise. Thank you for continuing to be the gentleman that you are.

steve rile

I miss you, Mark!!! Stay in DFW.

Adam Moore

Can't wait to listen in and hear you on the radio once again!

Shelley Graves

Hooray! Looking forward to Thursday & Friday. I love reading your blog and following you on Twitter, but I really miss hearing your voice.

Dan Hoffman

For the past two weeks, I just assumed you were on vacation, and was impatiently awaiting your return.

Hopefully, some station will grab you soon, so we can hear you again on a daily basis. Until then, I'll look forward to your guest spots filling in for Rush.

Oddly enough, Russ Martin was the bridge that originally led me to you a few years ago -- a strange combination that simply 'works'.

Peggy Niebruegge

I'll definitely be tuned in to hear you again. Looking forward to it! I have missed your take on current events.

Whatever God has planned, rest assured it'll be better than any of us imagined.

In the meantime, I'll take whatever I can get, Twitter, Rush or whatever forum I can tap into for my Mark Davis "fix". Haha! Sorry to sound "strung_out" but cold turkey is hard!!!

Miss your humor and reality take on the world we live in, the 19th and 20th can't get here soon enough.

Larry Scudder

Love ya man.
Grace, mercy and peace to Lisa, your family and you in abundance.
Spoke with my friend TC and got the Company line. DB will not return my calls. I have accessed a personal connection on the Newco Board, which promises me at least a return phone call.
God has a reason for everything and His timing is perfect, take this as personal testimony from a Believer wrongly incarcerated in an Arab jail.
Our prayers are with you and this to shall pass.

John Cheek

I knew something was up when you went on vacation for spring break, came back for a week and then you were gone again and no word from anyone. You have been greatly missed. I have to find something else to listen to in the morning now.

I will be listening while I am on the car when you are filling in for Rush. I can't wait to hear you again. You have been greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you get something "permanent" going soon.

A Facebook User

You are truly a class act, Mark, regardless the circumstances perpetually demonstrating what proper decorum should be. I've admired you from a sincere position of respect for all of your 18 years on BAP and became a faithful listener to all programming due to your presence on same. In contrast, my dedication as a fiscal conservative, paired with my disappointment in our country’s leadership, has motivated me to seek information resources elsewhere…especially since you are no longer on the air. In effect, with all due respect to Rush, the Great One, etc., I do firmly embrace the adage “dance with the one who brung ya” and you “brung” me. So in lieu of your not having closed any doors or burned any bridges (and in spite of my personal suffrage in the process), I will be listening to neither 820AM nor 96.7FM because of your dismissal (save this coming Thursday and Friday!).

Looking forward to your new gig, Mark, but maybe it time you consider public office! ;)

May God bless you and yours always and in all ways, Mark!

Linda DeAlbuquerque

When you weren't on the radio, I thought vacation. Then started to worry that you or yours might be ill or worse! I am happy you are well... WBAP management haa made the biggest mistake that will drop their listenership to Zero except maybe for Rush. I will be listening Thursday and Friday. I just need to hear your voice! Best Wishes on your journey.

A Facebook User

Will be great to hear you back on the radio filling in for Rush. When I found out what had happened with the new owners of WBAP.....I was actually mad and sad at the same time. I have been listening to you since the very first day you were on WBAP. This may sound weird but without you to listen to in the mornings, I feel kinda lost. Guess I'll have to fill the void with classic rock until Rush comes on at 11am. LOL Well good luck and please, if you can, stay in the DFW market....mornings just won't be the same without my daily dose of the best local conservative talk show host :-D

Lonnie Thompson

I've long felt that you were the best of the "Rush subs" so I look forward to the Thursday and Friday episodes on several fronts. I miss your daily programs and look forward to your next venture. Meanwhile, thanks for the updates on your blog and Twitter.


Sadly, I have to work overnight this week so I'll miss out. However, no matter where you land, I'll be listening...even if it has to be in another market...which I would really hate. We need you in Dallas.


There's a particular joy I feel when great things happen to those I love, respect, and appreciate. Selfish, yes, of course, but unexpected joy is joy, nevertheless.

I am for some reason filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation about your public future--radio? I do hope so. Television is just not the proper venue for the upcoming generation, and I can see you on the radio till you're old and infirm and have to be carried into the radio in a basket. A very big basket.

God bless you, Mark! Can't wait for Thursday,

Seattle Kathy

Anne Jones

I too thought you were on vacation. But, this morning i dedided you had been gone too long and became worried! So sad to here about the difficulty with the contract....you are greatly missed!!! Looking forward to Thurs and Fri...let us know when and where you find a permanent home.


Right on, although Rush is the best it will be great hearing on WBAP over the web here at work! Love ya man, hurry back!

Bryan from Fort Sill

And THAT is why I am a member of Rush 24/7. Of course, we will honor your personal request should one of us manage to make it on the EIB network; but odds are better of winning the Powerball than to get through those busy lines! ;-)

Thanks to all concerned for once again providing us appointment radio on WBAP this week.

Enjoy your time in NYC, Mark! Bring the family as they will enjoy the ever evolving skyline.

Jim Nowell

Thats great news! Can't wait... Your friend and long time listener Jim.

Laura in McKinney

Hey Mark - it will be so good to hear you this week. I had a minor flash of brilliance over the weekend. Glenn Beck's GBTV has a 3-hour slot open from Noon to 3pm. How about you work it?


Hope you stay in the Metroplex or syndicate here if you land elsewhere! D/FW talk radio isn't the same without you!! Just please, no Bloodrock DOA bumpers ever again!!! ;-))


Mark It will be so good to hear you on the radio again. My work day has not been the same... So looking forward to that and hope that we will be hearing you again in your own show soon!


REALLY looking forward to my Mark "fix" on Thursday and Friday on Rush's show.
Miss you in the mornings.... hope the new owners of WBAP come to their senses, and soon. Best Wishes, as always.

David Boehner

For sure, the staff of WBAP miss you as we do. Guess I don't understand the radio corporate world, but you would think after eighteen fabulous years, this
would have a happy ending of some sort.

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