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Interesting analysis. One thing I noted as I recently watched my nieces and nephews try to get in to college (same major Texas colleges I was accepted to with no problem as a C student back in the early/mid 80's) is that you have to be in the top 10% of your High School graduating class to even be considered anymore. An unintended consequence of the whole government loan thing, I guess. Easy government loan money sparks higher demand for limited seats... not only do prices go up but you have to tighten up the entrance requirements, which means the average kids can't get into even the state schools anymore. Acceptance to a state school used to be a slam dunk for us C students. I know "A" students who can't get into either UT or Texas A&M and something is wrong with that.

Tom E.


Unrestrained demand is necessarily going to cause prices to rise when supply is reasonably fixed. It is simple, really is.

Look at the housing mess, exact same thing, banks willing to fork out up to %110 of a house's value, of course prices are going to increase.

As far as going to college, as with anything, cost vs. reward must be looked at. I am lucky enough to be a successful engineer, have a pair of 4 year degrees under my belt, and I have made well more than the cost of my education, and more than enough to cover the opportunity cost of not having a real job for those 8 (well really 10, but that is a long story) years.

I could paraphrase Mike Rowe, but I won't, his words are much better than mine

We need to roll back many of our ideas to the 80s, and the previous commenter may have accident suggested.

thanks Mark, looking forward to hearing you on the radio again.

Seito no Inochi

Mark I will look forward to your return to the airwaves. So I will be awaiting to hear where and when that returned will be.

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