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Well said, Mark!

Michael B. Smith

Just frickin great, so not only is Mark no longer on the air and I have to suffer that loss, Sen. Santorum suspended his campiagn after months of working my butt off for him as a Grassroots Leaders, Social Media coordinator etc... My heart hurts. Well, praying for Bella and praying Cumulus somes to their sences. Thanks Mark - wonderful blog this morning. It would only be better if we heard you reading it.


Very nicely put, Mark! Great perspective on FC and what goes on around here!

Eloise Owens

WBAP has lost it's mind. I am completely baffled why you are not on the air! Stupid, stupid people!


Couldn't that money spent on the rental and transporting of the creatures be spent on feeding the poor or housing the homeless? Isn't that what Christianity is about? Don't get me wrong, pastor Young can do what ever he feels necessary to get the people through the doors. It is just a sad commentary that we feel the need for stage props and gimmicks when it is the Word of God that should draw us.

Pamela Karnes

EXACTLY!!!! I guess that there are people who just refuse to see that what Ed does is present the Gospel. His methods are different from most but as he so often says, they reflect the creativity of the Creator. In short, Fellowship Church strives to be light in a dark world and we do it with "squillion" watt bulbs!


I was there, I felt it, I heard it and it was amazing. How cool is it that all of senses were touched by the message brought by Pastor Young. The praise and worship team move me to tears every Sunday, Ed's way of delivering the message of Jesus Christ is moving. He certainly keeps my attention and causes me to think, love, give and with great excitement - talk about it :-)


Kudos! I know my 11 year old had a better understanding of Easter this weekend that no other church had been able to help her understand. This was our first Easter service at Fellowship and we will be going back every week from here on out!


Well said Mr. Davis and I completely agree! Thank you for standing up for our man of God! Fellowship Church has a team of the most creative energized people out there! Doing what they do all for the Glory of God!


That old "give the money to the poor" chestnut? Judas said that, too. It is about lives changed for eternity. We can give to the poor at the same time.


Very well stated Mark. It was a brilliant service and though FC is not for everyone, it reaches those that need to be reached. It has a different approach that most feel comfortable in. Not all of us WANT the traditional type of sermon - they don't reach us, but Ed's does. @Txelmore67 - please know that FC is a very GIVING church. Not only were we one of the first groups in Lancaster to support the victims of the tornado's, but we did a special offering at the end of service to provide for those in need. Also, we are proud to say that with our support, we are feeding our 1 millionth meal in Haiti as we continue to support local orphanages effected by the earthquakes there. We also reach out to our local community, especially in the summer, and support the children in our area and families in our area that are in need. Very proud of our church.

A Facebook User

I've been attending Fellowship Downtown for over a year now & am blown away by the "unconventional" ways to preach the Gospel. Leaving my previous church for @fc_downtown was very bittersweet, but I realize to obey is better than to sacrifice & I obeyed the direction of God to attend there. I love it! It is my community! Why the attack of Ed Young? If you look at it, Jesus was an illustrated preacher using parables, props, humans & His very life to get His message across. In a past century a very young pastor had the largest congregation recorded historically. When times began to change, he refused to change, he refused to change with them, hence causing him to lose everything & his church became a memory. The scripture that talks about putting new wine in old wine skins is crucial here. If you don't recognize the seasons of change, you will be completely left behind.

I work with social service programs throughout the state of Texas from a divisional level & the idea of spending more money on the poor instead of bringing a fresh, new approach to the gospel is almost laughable. I'm not saying emergency funds aren't necessary. I'm also a Life Coach who strategically assists people in eight (8) areas of their lives & finances are a HUGE one. It is not money that will change people or bring them closer to God. Their thinking is broken & we have to utilize creative ideas to help them change their current way of thinking. Then...they have to be hungry to change & teachable. There is a reason the scripture, "the poor shall be with you always" is in the Bible. I talk to people on the street all the time & suggest community programs for services. They know the system & prefer not to submit / commit to what it takes for change. Throwing money at the poor only soothes our religious conscious because we are so wrapped up in our own lives we can't think outside the box, get on a different level & do what it takes to reach them.

I was there Sunday. I absolutely loved the lamb / lion scenario as it confirmed what Ed said, "humility creates confidence." Isn't that what people need?

Great article Mark! Kudos to my Pastors!


The "feeding the poor or housing the homeless" argument is bogus. Using that logic we would do absolutely nothing else until all the hungry were fed and the homeless housed. Which is to say nothing else would ever be accomplished since Jesus himself said the poor would be with us always. It is possible to both take care of the poor AND preach a dramatic sermon or any host of other items that require money. Kudos to Pastor Young for creatively presenting the Gospel.


Txelmore67's comment is typical of anyone that doesnt do their research on our church... We give plenty to te poor. In fact, we give the most of any organization to Haiti. We give more than our share.

There is nothing wrong with using props in Church to get a message accross. It beats sitting in mass like I did as a child, my son would have fell asleep in an old style easter mass, now he pays attention. The purpose of the church is to reach those that are lost and dont know Christ, and you have to be creative to do that.


I meant no disrespect by my words, either to your Pastor or his congregation. The greater point I was intending to make was that we as Christians should not expect to be drawn into worship by any other means than to glorify God and what He has done for us though His Son Jesus. And that non-believers should be drawn Jesus by our joy found in Him and the works of obedience to Him. And it is true that there always be the poor among us, but I feel that maybe as Christians (me included) we quote that as an excuse for not reacting to them. Just a though.


Mark - there's not much more to say than "Thank you." It is an honor to know you.


Brilliant... both you and Ed. St. Paul continually used a localized and contemporary context for his speaking of the Christ... this is the Book of Acts in continuum. Well done.


There is a few times I will reply to a post or a blog...this is certainly one of those times! Thank you Mark for that...I have and still serve FC for over 4 years now, I had been a Catholic since birth and did not know God/Christ/Bible as I do now...Thanks to Fellowship! Ed and Lisa Young has does some amazing things to bring the message across and you know what...IT DOES! For those who critize them or our church...I say, attend our church for a few weeks and then you can say it experienced it and have your opinion...until then..."Those without sin, may cast the first stone"...So far, I see no stones...

A Facebook User

Thank you so much for your blog! As I have stated before in my other comments, I see this as an inane arguement over animal rights issues and then the leading into financial dynamics of our church.
What isn't being talked about is the meals we are STILL feeding in Haiti. When all others have found a new crisis to fund, we are still there serving. I see all the areas where we extend our hands and our service and unless these critics are tithing, then I see nothing wrong with our church using our funds the way we see fit. Unfortunately there will be those that are misinformed through media outlets and self-serving organizations.... Fortunately I know God moves in bigger circles, and that those who will be there on Sunday, will be exposed to the WILD in purposes for sharing Gods Love. Keep blogging... and See you on Sunday!

A Facebook User

Very well said!

Gina Semrau

Couldn't agree with you more! I love our church!!!


I am certain that God appreciates all the great things that FC is doing with it's finances in His name, as do the many people FC is assisting. You have apparently miss my point, so I will discontinue in my efforts. I am truly sorry for any comments I have made that was hurtful to anyone especially pastor Young.

Chez Bohannan

I feel blessed to apart of a church that reaches out in the most unconventional ways!! Love FC!!

Larae McCarty

There is a church in Maryland Zion Church that has this unconventional means of teaching the gospel and we are ridiculed for it, but we are one of if not the fastest growing non-denominational churches in Southern Maryland. Because of the style our Pastor Keith Battle uses to teach us I started following and watching Ed Young on TV and Andy Stanley on TV and podcast and Brian Houston. As an African American I never heard or saw the gospel presented in this type of way and when I was introduced to it, truly my life was changed. I grew up a PK all my life in church, but I didn't understand relationship and know God until I came to the church I attend now. Ed Young reinforces the way my Pastor teaches us and helps me to connect to God. Don't stop doing what you are doing we need Ed Young to continue to reach out and connect the gospel in a way that changes lives and takes the religion out of church by being innovative in his delivery. Thank You Pastor Ed. www.zionchurchonline.com

Alan Wilson

Very well said, Mark! Anytime you start reaching people the enemy will show up and attempt to do damage. I too stand up for our man of God.

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