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A Facebook User

This will be a GREAT event! So glad that you are going to M.C. and it's for such a wonderful cause.

It's hard to comprehend living in a place where all of your neighbors want to destroy you on a daily basis - and they live just a few miles away. This is a great opportunity to support the incredible work of this hospital which does not discriminate regarding the patients they treat, including all races, creeds, etc. That's something we can all get behind.

john boy

sounds like mark sucking up as usual.

Susan Fletcher

I personally asked Mark to MC this event... thankfully, he accepted.

@Mark Davis - glad you also got to host for Rush Limbaugh the last 2 days... I was so busy working on this event that I didn't get to tune in. Hope you had a great time in NYC :-).

Blogging Master

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