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Jeff Morris

I've been enjoying the updates! I've listened to your show since 2005 when I moved here from Tampa, Florida to attend seminary. I had the honor of meeting you at a hospital in downtown Fort Worth a couple months ago as your show wrapped up. My mornings haven't been the same without you! THANK YOU for all you do for the Metroplex & may God bless you & your family in whatever lies ahead.


Thank you, Mr. Davism for satiating my (our) audio vacancy by sharing your thoughts in typecast:) I'm just a regular Soldier out here, way out here in El Paso at Fort Bliss. I listen(ed) to you daily on the WBAP app. Thank you for your service and talent. BTW, I'm a huge Mariner fan so I was hoping for a Darvish spoiler. Sorry!

Another John Galt

Appreciate the commentary. Read one story that 1 of shooters in Tulsa was
Cherokee. So I guess Native American = NA/white = white as Hispanic/white.
But you are right on your points. Keep it up, Bruce (my eternal dig against Dan

Chuck Thompson

I miss hearing you on the air. My mornings are not the same without you. I appreciate the effort it takes to keep up the blog posts and tweets of your unique perspectives and I guess I'll follow you here until you land at another station - hopefully, a Dallas station. Try KLIF, their new "News & Information" format is a loser out of the gate. Good luck.

Chuck Thompson

One more thing. Your links to Home, Archives and Subscribe don't work (I'm using IE8). Profile does.

Lonnie Thompson

You've been my voice of reasonable thought for so long, it's difficult to be without it. I keep wishing that wiser heads would prevail. I do appreciate these postings until that happens. It lessens the sting.

Dr. Bob Sperry

I love you, man. When i started listening to you, your daughter and my son were toddlers. Now, they're halfway through college. Thanks so much for the updates. They mean so much for all of us. We are all praying and watching for the new Mark Davis show. Where ever it is, we'll be there!

Dana Huff

Mark, my mornings are not the same without you! How will I start my Fridays without your "I Feel Good" song?! And Christmas without the bad piano music?! Most importantly, I trust you and your opinions so I feel a little lost politically. Can't wait until you find a new home. I'll be listening for sure! God bless you and your family.

G. Mayo

Mark! Tragedy! I had JUST recommended that my best friend (also named Mark) listen to you, since he won't listen to Rush or The Great One (also named Mark...is there a pattern?), because Rush is too "controversial" and Levin is too "shrill". I disagree with him (he's slightly left of center, so that's hardly surprising, I suppose), but I can understand where he's coming from. I recommended you to him because, of all the Conservative talk radio hosts, you come across as the most polite, reasonable, open, and willing to have a civil conversation, even when you vehemently disagree. And now you're gone, and there's no "voice of reason" to send my friend to - and he's SO close to being persuaded! Gah! It's like Greek or Asian drama, where the ending is always tragic! ;)

Cathe Becker

KLIF is also owned by Cumulus, so I don't know where to turn. A huge void has been left in my day! Thanks for the updates, at least it's something to hang onto until you have a new show!

Stacie Forest

Are you done at WBAP? I don't see your face or name anywhere on their website. If this is true then they are (as my young children used to say) stupid-heads!
My heart is sick. I have listened to you for so many years. You changed they way I think. The practical logic you use to work through issues I have always admired and I find myself trying to emulate so often.
I have recommended your show to so many over the years and have felt a kinship to you not just because of our shared conservatism but even more so because I felt like we raised our kids together since our daughters are the same age and are even now both attending UNT.
I continue to look forward each day to at least reading your opinions but I long to hear your radio voice again.

Kim Smith

Dear Mark,
I have listened to you since '93. I have met you three times and on one of those occasions it was just days after 9/11. WBAP and the Red Cross were at Grapevine Mills raising money for the victims. I was on my way to the airport...(I was an American Airlines flight attendant at the time) and heard you on the radio, so I decided to swing by. You noticed me in my uniform and asked me to talk on air with you about what it felt like to return to the friendly skies...you asked me to speak from the heart that morning. It was an emotional few minutes but I just remember how kind you were and reassured me everything was going to go well upon my first flight back after the 9/11 tragedy.
I moved to Phoenix and Los Angeles for a few yrs. and would listen to you daily at work via the internet...there were many good radio guys in my local area but I chose to listen to you. I feel like I've lost a best friend since you've been gone. It bears repeating what others have said...my mornings aren't the same anymore. I was a loyal listener and will be again once you find your new radio home! God Bless you and your family! Kim Smith

JS Margoni

Cumulus is driven by advertising dollars. Perhaps those businesses that advertise during 8:30 to 11:00 don't realize how drastically the audience has shrunk. Since Mark has not been on, I have not been listening. However, I did tune in for about 45 minutes this a.m. just to hear the advertisers. Here's the list from 9:15 to 10:00. Contact them. Let them know we are not listening and they are wasting advertising dollars from 8:30 to 11:00am. TX Farm Bureau Insurance, Accurate Foundation Repair, Verizon, Clear Choice Dental Implant, Mutual Fund Store (Plano, Irving), Statewide Remodeling, Diamond Doctor, Keller Williams(Chris Arnold), Lincoln Financial, Ted Cruz campaign,Fordowner.com(tires), strokeassociation.org, sweetjack.com, A#1 Air.


KLIF and WBAP are sister stations, thats why they moved Cris Crock over here... Dont as me why Cris has a lot to learn imho...

and no offense to Ben Ferguson, but he aint no Mark Davis...

Anyone else offended by Tebow stepping in front of Jesus on Easter? I seem to be alone on that one...

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