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Dear Mark, and the whole Davis clan,

Thanks very much for the missive. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the time when, if a relative left for the western territories, it was only the occasional letter that brought you current with their life. How precious were those letters! And how precious you’ve become, now that I can’t selfishly dial in to the streaming video every weekday morning.

As a believer myself, it is reassuring to know that you are resting in the Lord, and beyond sounding way too churchy, it’s true. I don’t worry about you, nor your family. You are in the best of hands. I hope that continues to give you comfort. I’ll continue to pray for you guys—please know that.

You do what you do particularly well, so I’m hopeful you’ll soon have a vehicle to bless us all with your outbursts of clarity, said twice so we make no mistake (“did he really say that!”).

Wishing you and yours all the best that can be poured upon you, sending virtual hugs as well. Should you find yourself with a cause, or a project, that requires cash, or things tangible, I trust you’ll write to us so that we can pitch in.


a permanent member of the larger Davis tribe,

Kathy Leicester
Southern California (and aching for the northwest!)


Grateful for you and your attitude. Hurry back to radio. I love my playlists in iTunes and all, but am used to listening to them in the afternoon. This morning iTunes routine has already gotten old.

Chris Miles

I drive a truck for a living. I turn on WBAP long enough to see if you are back on yet or not. I look forward to your return to the air. I miss the intelligent discussion. Other than that I keep it off and will till you return

Ron P

Best wishes and thanks for the update. After listening to you for 18(?) years, I can't tell you how quite the mornings are on the way to work, as well as those times I can listen to you while at work. Keep the faith and keep looking.

Having been laid off two years ago (working again..but much less certain than before...at least now I know that), I know how you feel and your attitude toward enjoying your time and family. Enjoy. Hope to hear your on another DFW station soon. If not, there is always the internet, Podcasts, and XM/Serious.

I think it would be really cool to hear you on the latter.

-- Ron P. (Addison).


Mark n Lisa--
I'm pickled tink that you are experiencing (and creating) such joy in your lives during this break. ...still check each morn for your return, but in the meantime am so uplifted by your happy posts--and love the AI input!
Bev in Sacramento

John McNamara


I miss you. I have not listened to the radio station since your departure.

Nobody does talk better than you!

Mac in Plano


Mark hope whatever is up is fixed soon, one way or the other, jest not the same without you on the air. God Bless you and your family...

Mike in Ennis

Jim Nowell

Please come back! I have reverted back to listening to music again... Hope to hear you soon somewhere.Jim.

Glenda Brown

Mark, I can't tell you how much I miss you on WBAP. My mornings are just not the same without you :(
In fact yesterday I opened a Twitter account just so I could keep up with you. It is good to know you are enjoying some much needed family time. Praying God will lead and guide you in the direction for you to go from here. Much love and blessings,
Glenda from Fairview

Dean Taylor

Mark.... Only the best for you my brotha. I spent 25 years in the radio biz, but left 12 years ago and my how things have changed. But in some respects I see some things haven't changed at all. Bluntly put - why do new owners have to jack with a good thing? Been through that too. I hope I am not seeing the slow dismantle of a legendary station. But good for you for making the best of it!! Two words: NATIONAL SHOW. I know you will pop up somewhere, you are TOO good at talk radio. I'll be listening wherever.....

Brent Crandall

I guess it's a good time for your absence. Since I can't and won't listen to WBAP in your time slot, I have been bathing myself in the Ben and Skin show on ESPN Radio. It was always a hard decision between you and them when big sports stories were going down. Now, I don't have to choose!

In all seriousness, I hope you find a home on a Dallas station, preferably one that would let you still fill in for Rush. Good luck, and I hope to hear you again soon.


Serpephone Dallas

Your fill-in guy is getting old! I can listen to him for a week, but two weeks is too much. I'm switching to Ben & Skin Show for now... at least I can get updates on my Mavs!

Take care & hope to "hear" from you soon!

Jerri in McKinney

I miss you educating & entertaining me on my morning drive to work. The "fill in" does not fill your shoes.

I've listened to many radio stations in my many years and have only switched when the owners start messing with the formats. WBAP has had my loyalty for the 10 years I've been back in Texas - a run that is now ended.

As the former wife of a broadcaster, I've been through the 'different direction' thing a few times. It sucks. My best wishes to you and yours during this time. I look forward to hearing you again soon!



I've been a faithful listener since '95 and have always been eager to hear your take on a myriad of issues. I'm stunned and saddened that Cumulus would let you get away! I'll continue to hope that they come to their senses and have you back on 'BAP ASAP. Until then, I'm turning my dial toward Austin and San Antonio for my morning news/opinion fix.

Wishing you the best,

Jim Hazlett

Hey, Mark,
Glad to hear you and the family are doing well. I have a hunch, given the other high-profile dismissals the past 2 weeks (plus the story on the Dickey brothers haul), that Cumulus has a death wish. For myself, my prayer has changed from "Hope Mark's OK," to "Hope Hal, Steve, and the Dark Prince have contingency plans." Also, for some odd reason, the words "Levin" and "class action suit" keep colliding in my mind. Maybe I should just take an aspirin.

Keep the faith, and know we all look forward to your ongoing adventures.

Todd McDaniel

Mark, keep plugging away. You will return to the airwaves soon. I have no doubt.

Sue Spear

I have listened to you for 17 years and truly miss you in the mornings. Through the years, I have laughed, cried, yelled and even whooped with you on my radio. As I watched the news, I could not wait to hear what you had to say the next day. It is like losing a friend you talk to on the phone each day. I know you will fill the airwaves once again, so I will be patient. Please know you are in our prayers. As for WBAP, you go, I go.
Highest regard,

john boy

Finally, Mark Davis is off the air at my wonderful WBAP.

I've listened to WBAP from Ted Gouldy's stock market report (as in fat stock, Fort Worth-style) to playing Willie and Waylon on "Country Gold." WBAP is part of my Cowtown hometown community, and I have all the respect in the world for Tyler Cox, its current program director.

But I do hope WBAP goes on to play music, and I would suggest the first song to be played is Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead.

Talk radio and its one-sided, all-powerful conservative hoopla is done for. Its time has passed, just as radical conservatism has had its time as a driving force for public policy.

Let's bring back the thoughtful conservative who believes in individual rights (which produce profits) to have a meaningful conversation with liberals who believe in civil rights (which produce justice).

Despite what Mark Davis tried to have you believe, those two rights are not mutually exclusive in America.

Eric S.

Thanks to WBAP I've now reverted my morning comute audio back to tech podcasts - if you're back on the air anywhere soon, I'll be there, but nobody else is even interesting to me.

Blake O

If it's not broken, then dont fix it Cumulus!!! Mark, I will remove WBAP from my presets and enjoy other talk. I am conflicted though. I am a Ticket listener and they too are owned by the greedy bastards at Cumulus and I won't go over to The Fan...

Tawnya M

You are truly missed. I have listened for at least 10 years & it has been weird to have WBAP turned off for 2 weeks now. But, I refuse to turn it back on until you can return. The Good Lords blessings on you & yours!

Jason Bishop

Miss your show a lot!! As others have said your sub is ok for a week, but I am done. I guess I will have to find another station till your return where ever that may be!! Please give us a couple days heads up if you speak somewhere so we can plan. Would love to catch you live. Many blessing to you, your family and your staff. Not sure if there still at WBAP or not.

Debbie Laredo

I, too, have listened to you for the last 15-18 years. Getting ready for work in the morning is just not the same without having you on the radio. I refuse to listen to WBAP without you there. So, it's either KLTY or Fox News on the TV until you resurface. Here's hoping that is soon. God bless your family and also your staff from the show.

Rhonda Berry

Have been missing you greatly. My mornings are no good without hearing your very familiar voice. Praising God that you and your family are doing well and that you have faith in His plan. I agree that Cumulus has a death wish in what they are doing.
Glad you are taking the high road and will be looking forward to hearing you whereever you land. Change is hard, but I have found through plenty of experience that when I looked back it was for the better for me and my family.
God bless and I will be checking in here very often!
All our love,
The Berry Family

Kris in Tucson

Mark miss your show. One of many who found you on Rush and followed you to your home radio base. Having lived in Austin for a couple of years, the Texas feel was a bonus. Looking forward to your return - please with internet access!

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