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Adam Moore

Very well put.

Rick Brockman

"Ultimately, it will be up to listeners to determine which shows succeed and which do not."

Apparently not. At least at some stations.


Miss you. Miss you. Miss you.


You write beautifully, Mark.

I still miss you on the radio, for a number of reasons.

Interesting that Gov. Huckabee wants to be a radio guy. Regardless of outcome it seems he has good instincts regarding how to spend his time so that his ideas can create the greatest impact.

The life-saving impact of radio came home to me during a hurricane in the Florida Keys. Radio was the single thing that got all of us through the event with a reasonable amount of sanity, and without it the recovery simple could not have occurred with the alacrity that it did. Lives were saved simply because brave men and women stayed on the radio despite the “tropical cyclone event” and told us all what was really happening.

I do believe radio is the vehicle, if not the voice of conservatism. There is something about radio that sparks the imagination and gives hope that maybe there are others out there who feel as I do.

All the best to Governor Huckabee.

Ron Dodson

Huck makes me want to take a shower. He is at the core a populist, not a theologian nor a leader of thought.

I'd yawn, but I'm too busy turning the hot water on.

Free Willy

Several have lined up to take on El Rushbo...O'Reilly came and went, Beck has carved out a small niche, Hannity is a poor imitation, Levin has his own appeal... many have tried but nobody holds a candle to the original. If he wanted to carve out a market, Huck should align against Hannity...the weakest link and the one with the most to lose in a national show format.

Michael B. Smith

Today was another boring day not getting to start my day with the Mark Davis show, so while I sat at work and thought about it, I wrote a piece I call Is "Cumulus forcing me to divorce Mark Davis"


And if youhaven't signed the petition to Brin Mark Davis back - youcan find it at TXAction.com

Maggie Wright

Talk radio isn't the same without our Mark Davis---even my son-in-law misses listening to Mark Davis in Shreveport, LA--we must have Mark Davis back!!!!

Maggie from Burleson

Dawn Holmes

It all comes down to the marketplace. Rush succeeds in creating audience share and audience loyalty. He has also created the Rush brand. Others are as Levin says, back-benchers!--achieving varying degrees of success, or failure. Duh. Huckabee is a decent guy and is much better in person than in a studio. He needs to be on tour working the crowd, or do a Merv Griffin-style talk show with an audience. Cumulus is banking on him and he will have some success for them. But my bet is he won't be a long-haul player in this format. Write it in your book.

Bob Laney

Again we find you not waking up to smell the roses Mark. Things are changing and the old ways of conducting yourself as a ditto of Mount Rush won't cut it. Think about this, you had one of the top rated shows on local radio and it still didn't give you enough cover to being replaced. That tells me that this wind of change will also move into Rush's and Sean's worlds too. Better take heed to the winds of change.


Without a doubt Mark Davis is the best of all. The reasoned analysis, wide variety of topics and the willingness to try to have a meaningful two-way conversation with anybody. Come back soon.


all I have to say is if Cumulus sacks you and Rush on WBAP? Im outta here to wherever you guys end up....

No hard feelings to WBAP, b/c I've listened to them since my childhood, my parents and grandparents listened. Back in the Days when they actually played music.

It will be the death of WBAP if they lose you guys.

Nancy Dillard

I agree with what Todd said!


Sorry, Mark. It's like 'BAP has replaced the Beatles with The Ruttles. (Or Spinal Tap?)

Bryan Thompson

I bet the bean counters at Cumulus stuck another one in you with a no compete clause. Don't wait around too long. Get a stream up on the Internet or something. For God's sake man this is an election year. We need you!

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Ultimately, it will be up to listeners to determine which shows succeed and which do not.

Apparently not. At least at some stations.

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