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Hanging on till there's no more reason to hang, Mark.

I did enjoy the Rush show with you last week. This radio thing might turn into a profession--keep up with it.

And your boy is the cutest little man ever. He's going to break some hearts when he gets older.

God's richest blessings and warmest greetings,

A Facebook User

Just wanted to say HI!!! Have thoroughly enjoyed following the blog. I know the LORD will help you to land exactly where he needs/wants you. God bless you and your family. Nice to see you having fun with the time. Also, my daughter's 5th birthday was Saturday 4/20... didn't realize your boy's was so close. Take care and have a great week.

Bryan Wicks

Thanks for the update! Loved your shows on the EIB network last week, and your son is blessed to have such great parents. Continue to post when you can, and never forget to live like you really mean it! ;-)

William Swafford

Next month doesn't seem that far away. I enjoyed hearing you on the radio filling in for Rush. Seems like you and the family had a great time in NYC. Have a great day and will check on any updates from you.


Mark, until you land a "real" radio gig, can you please do a web-based streaming radio show? I'm having withdrawals here. Help a brother out. Sign up on Ustream and have us all call you on your cell or something, you don't need a call screener, we'll be cool, promise. Doesn't have to be 3 hours a day, just an hour, hour and a half each morning is all we ask.


P.S. I'm totally going to steal the angry birds cake idea for my own son's party this summer. Probably can not afford the balloon guy.

Julie Songy

Just wanted to say I really hope you have a radio show back on in this area soon! I'm still wanting you to be back on WBAP and have been writing and calling them. I have really loved your show and miss it. They (the new owners) messed with my stuff, and I don't like it. Hope to hear you again soon!


I just realized your off WBAP. Whats going to be next?


Thanks for keeping us informed - will be waiting for news!

My favorite part of the balloons/kids photo is the parents in shadow. Nicely done, if perhaps unintentional!


You don't realize how important something or someone is until they're gone. The time we've spent together over the air waves has meant so much over these years. You are one of the few radio men who backs up what they say on the air. Concise, clear, conservatism. Pro-American, pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-marketplace. There is a hole in Radio Land right now without you in it. I pray it will be filled soon. I will follow your voice to the next place you land, and I hope it is soon. I can't listen to the old station anymore; quite angry to tell you the truth. Perhaps they realize how much they're missing when you're gone too. For now, my friend, best to you and your family.

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