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Michael Hyatt

Few people have have such a profound and lasting influence on my ideologies than yourself. My parents mostly and my Tarrant County College government professor, Darrell Castillo, to name a few. Thank you for all the wonderful years that you have help make sense of an otherwise twisted political climate we have endured over the last several decades. You may have finally broken my will to holdout from twitter, so for that I am quite sore at you right now. Seriously, good luck with everything I am afraid WBAP has lost some of the luster that helped make it shine once so brightly.

Dan Hoffman

For the past two weeks, I just assumed you were on vacation, and was impatiently awaiting your return.

Hopefully, some station will grab you soon, so we can hear you again on a daily basis. Until then, I'll look forward to your guest spots filling in for Rush.

Oddly enough, Russ Martin was the bridge that originally led me to you a few years ago -- a strange combination that simply 'works'.

A Facebook User

Normally you are tolerable filling in for Rush but your interview today with the head of the meat lobbying group was pretty sickeningly ignorant. Pink slime is just that--non-nutritious slime. It is cartilage and connective tissue that doesn't get digested. Plus, the chemicals that are used are NOT completely washed out. It's truly nasty and I'm glad most stores that used to carry it, don't any more. (I buy local ground beef that absolutely does not have it.)

Please do some independent research before you speak on a subject. It makes you appear much more intelligent and better informed.


It was good to have you back on the air - if only for a couple of days. I was late to an appointment that first Friday. I was in bed waiting for your show to start 8:30. Ben came on at 9 and it was off to the races to get out the door in time! Praying for a quick resolution and even back to WBAP.

Take Care and God Bless

Kris with a k

Hey! Did you know that the guy in marks spot lost 90lbs when he was a teenager??!!
If you tune in he'll tell you about'll relate it to every...single...story....
I've listened to bap for 14 years, 16-18 hours a day, before that I worked in radio.
This last week of wbap has been the worst week of broadcasting I've ever witnessed.



You should give your "following" some kind of info Mark. We are in the dark out here!

Michael McEuin

First off, the brass at Cumlus are bozo's. It's still a free country and it's only my opinion.

I don't blame the folks at WBAP. That's what happens sometimes when companies are bought. It's a shame, really. Making changes just for the sake of making changes, because some kiss a** wants to prove that he's 'doing something'. I've seen it too many times.

I hope you land at a station here in the Metroplex. If not, I have Tune-In on my iPhone and will listen just as I did when I lived in Vegas.

Good luck with the next chapter. :-)

Kathy K

I've listened to WBAP all day at work, in the car and many evenings for nearly 20 years, but when I finally googled you this morning and found you were not coming back, I sent a goodbye and good luck message to management at WBAP.

I've been turning off the radio from 9-11 because your replacement grates on my nerves, but with your departure, I'll find some other station to work to until you find a new home. Please let us know when you do, and it can't come soon enough!

Pastor Bill Lowrey

I've listened to more music in the last month than I have for years. That's been nice. But, I miss my mornings with you and look forward to where we will meet together next.

Rob LeMore

The thing to do is contact all the advertisers on Ben Ferguson's show and tell them you're no longer listening. I'm doing that TODAY! I know, it'll be tough to endure that, but somebody has to do it. LET'S DO IT!

Dennis H

Can you make a list of those advertisers so we don't have to endure it?

David S

Looks like Cumulus may be missing the new trend:


I miss your radio show, Mark.

I'm not always on the same page with you. I think police misconduct is more common than you do. I think everyone should have qualified immunity like cops, because the law is just too complicated to really understand. I think government regulation has screwed up marriage and family life in this country. Lots of stuff.

But that's what talk radio is! Liberals are wrong about it. Talk radio is not an echo chamber. We have real disagreements. They are family disagreements. We love our country, our Constitution, and our traditions. We're just figuring out, through entertaining dialog, how we ought to keep it all together.

I miss the times I nodded in agreement. I miss the times I wanted to call and explain my disagreement. I miss the humor. Basically, I just miss it.

Good luck!

J.D. Kinman

I'm friends with Laura Houston and she's kept me pretty much up to date on what's been going down at BAP for the past five years--and it's sickening.

As a retired managing director of one of the largest ad agencies in the U.S. based right here in Dallas, these are the times in which I'm glad that I was blessed to have been able to retire early. Otherwise, I would've directed our media planners and buyers to simply carve WBAP out of our clients' plans.

Why? Because the stats and demographics are no longer valid--but that is what Cumulus will insist on trying to sell. I know this to be a fact because I saw it happen firsthand with Dick Segal's departure along with Sam From Sales, Haywood U. Sueme and some other personalities.

At that time, I believe it was Disney (?) who tried convincing us that the listener demo hadn't changed a bit. Didn't buy it and we pulled our clients' advertising on the spot.

You were an institution, much like Hal is, Laura and Dick were, etc.

Truth is, I had a hard time listening to you. Your style grated the hell out of my nerves, but because you are a devout and honest conservative, it wasn't hard to overlook.

But I also respected the hell out of you for your honesty and the work you put in for your show and the impossible patience you frequently displayed for some really clueless or obnoxious (or even toxic) callers.

Whether or not I liked your style or show is completely immaterial. Radio is a business and Cumulus made a bad business decision. In fact, I believe it to be a catastrophic one.

Dumping you in the morning, Laura Ingraham in the evening, and stepping all over Mark Levin's show-open is pure idiocy--decisions driven by corporate arrogance and ego and arrived at by bean-counters who don't know the difference between a microphone and a megawatt.

I sincerely wish you all the best, Mark.

Best regards,

J.D. Kinman


I've been a listener to BAP for almost 35 years. Much of it morning drive and late night. I remember when you came onto the team, and I was shocked when they pulled the plug on you (as I was with several other people over the years). I've been waiting impatiently to hear where you would land, and now that I know, I can tell you for certain that a new preset has been put on the dial for my morning commute. Best of wishes for the new chapter, I'm sure it will be another great one in the epic life story of talk radio.

Keith Vauquelin


Right on, Mark - congratz, and you can believe I will be tuned in at 0645A on June 4, to listen.

Kick the tires, and light the fires, Big Daddy!

Edna Terry

Dear Mark,
I talked to you on air one morning when we were talking about the Senate wrist slapping Eric Holder over his decision to try the 911 terrorists in NY City. So, it's been a while. Listened to you regularly and saw you at the 2010 tea party event in Grand Prairie's ball field.
I ran a small kayak & canoe rental business in Arlington. One morning, I met the KSKY morning weather guy. He was a great person to meet and I hope you all have a great history together!
Cumulus made a mistake. I've moved out of state so now I tune in online to hear Rush & Mark Levin. I haven't liked not hearing from you before Rush. Will check out KSKY and look forward to hearing your voice and your views.
All the best & God's peace,
Edna, formerly from Arlington, Texas

Charles Nance

Will there be a podcast available for those of us who would like to listen but live in "the land of no reception"?

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