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Kevin McCarthy

Mark, I will always treasure our days as friendly competitors during the 90s and as friends & members of a too-rapidly dwindling fraternity of live & local talk show hosts since then. You were (and are) the best of the breed in DFW and it's a shame that the new ownership of WBAP doesn't value you as much as the audience and those of us in the business do. I know you know that whenever one door closes a better one opens up; I just hope the new door allow those of us here in North Texas to hear you in the next stage of your journey. KMC.

Mike Dougherty

I moved to DFW in '97 and by then you were firmly established as the talk show host on WBAP before Limbaugh. At first, something about your delivery grated on me...but you were compelling enough that I kept listening. The more I did, the more I liked...to the point that you became my favorite - ahead of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin (perhaps my 2nd favorite.) So,it was great to hear you again on Limbaugh today. As such, I took a little extra time at lunch to listen.

Can't wait for your new gig. Thanks for the reminder of your time at WBAP. You're right. Dropping the morning bits has been a big mistake. I still listen but now I toggle btwn WBAP and ESPN radio.

Annette Harrell

I am so sad to hear that you will not be back. You are sorely, sorely missed. I am no longer listening to BAP during your time slot. No offense to the new guy, but he just isn't in your league. I wonder if KSKY's ratings have increased lately during that time slot. It's like you always said, "Let the marketplace decide." Well....that is what I am doing. I hope you find your way back into radio very soon. We really need your voice. So, thank you for teaching me so very much. I hope you will continue to post what you are up to.

W. Hock Hochheim

I was truly mortified not to hear your voice and your special intelligent and succinct ideas and commentary on the radio. Since the 90s, you have been a special friend on the radio. So many mornings. I saw you once at a remote in Plano and I now wish I had stopped, shook your hand and said "hi." You and yours stay healthy and take good care of yourself.

Rebecca Weeks

As a teacher, my mornings with you were not as frequent as I would have liked. However, on those first few days of Summer each year, I have always been pleased at the realization that I could now listen to your show. As that time nears for me this year, my delight in your absolute profundity will have to be met through your weekly appearances on Good Day and Inside Texas Politics, for now...
-Eagerly awaiting your next endeavor!


The morning comedy was the stuff of legend. Thank you for the memories. And one word for you...podcasts.

Matthew Henson

your one of the best voices on radio. WBAP was stupid to let you go. cant wait to see were you reemerge.


I appalude this writing. I moved to Colorado from Ft.Worth. I was listen to WBAP morning show via internet. Then the huge change. What a dissapointment. To no longer be able to hear Mark is comparable (for a 71 year old) to being deaf.
God Bless you and yours Mark. Perhaps you will soon be on air. If I owned a radio station, you could run it and have a show you could control. (Come on Power Ball).


John Murphy

Reads like the synopsis of the first few chapters of a great book. One that should include seeing you with the Stanley Cup in your lap, a couple arguments on check cashing info and racquetball games! Hech, drop those and keep the Cup idea!

John Murphy

You also left off Raoule from Payroll!

Chuck Flint

Is the picture of you with Russ Martin a hint at what's to come? Mornings on the Eagle with Mark Davis, afternoons with Russ Martin? I'm hoping you stay local but looking forward to having you on the air again. I love you man!!!


It used to be a morning parking lot ritual... as soon as the comedy segment was over, the car doors would open and 10-12 people would cross the lot to work. We would re-tell what we all just heard to one another... and it was still funny. Sam from sales, Willie on fridays, Leaf, and others linked "the lot group" together. I still work with a few of those people. We still miss the comedy. I'm the only one still listening to WBAP. When Hal moves on, the mp3 player gets promoted to mornings.

Mark, you are missed. I don't know how many times I've sat in the driveway waiting on a commercial, or waited to leave the house waiting on the same. I miss it. I haven't found a replacement yet.

ON WBAP. They dropped/lost the Rangers. They dropped/lost the Stars. They dropped the funny AM skits. They dropped you. I realize the "they" isn't one and the same all the way through, but the downgrading of BAP, in my opinion, has been a snowball rolling downhill.


matt james

Miss you mark cant wait to hear you again

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