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lori iversen

Mark Davis, you are a brilliant orator and I miss hearing you every weekday!! You are the only commentator that I actually listened to while working out at the gym. That is how interesting you are!! You over music while running, that is a true compliment. Prayers for you and all involved.


Bad business move WBAP! Who are these new owners and does the trail lead back to Soro's???

Don Bass

Have been out of town and on return couldn't find Mark who starts my day out. Cumulus has definitely made a big mistake.... who is next Hal Jay? Don't they know they are shooting their ratings audience in the "foot"? Hope they wake up, if not keep us posted on where you are at and we will follow.

Thanks Man....we luv ya!


No more WBAP for me, been into talk radio only a few years but you were a huge part of the reason i started listening. Learned alot form you sorry to say never got to call in . The little I know about you I know you will be fine miss you Dude hurry back somewhere,,,,


I can't believe you aren't on my radio anymore. Come back somewhere SOON. There isn't anything worth listening to in the mornings now. Cumulus must have some internal competition to see how quickly they can suck the life out of any station they own because there can be no other reason for not finding a way to keep you.


Sorry, meant to add that I only just connected the dots today. I thought you were on vacation, too. By the way, I was the one that accosted you when you were trying to take your son to school last week. I was so excited to meet you that I so very clumsily intruded on your family time... I'm sorry about that. Anyway, come back to the radio soon; you're truly missed.

Bill R Denny

Send my vote to new management they will make a terrible mistake if they don't reach an agreement with you. They seem to be intent on eliminating conservative talk show, which proves they do NOT understand this area. Tell Cumulus I will listen to you on another station if forced to and if they eliminate Limbaugh I will NOT listen to WBAP again.

Saul Freedenberg

Wow this really stinks. You make my morning a little bit better. I do not always agree with you but at least you are fair and hear both sides of the story. Come back to the air soon please.

kathleen richardson

I'm so sad. You are the respectful voice of reason. Levin ruins my drive home every evening - he is so intelligent, but so very rude! You represent those of us that believe everyone is entitled to thier opinion, while trying very hard to educate them! Miss u and will be following you on your next adventure!

Louise smith

Cumlus won't listen but the sponsors will.....boycott all sponsors on WBAP.

Dee Mazyck

WOW....I've been with you since day one Mark! I raised my kids listening to your voice of reason, you held my baby at Irving Mall(he is 16 now!!, we shook you hand at the State Fair many times. You have been all these things (the kind ones) and then some. Your comforting, eloquent take on issues has empowered me to reign in my passionate rants and speak with much more ingelligence and credibility on all things conservative and wonderful about our great Constitution, Country, State and City. I will go on, grudgingly, but go on keeping my mouth moving with the truth......my very best to you and yours......HEAR ya 'round!:+)

Chuck C.

You are sorely missed. My mornings have a huge hole in them now :(

Patti Martin

Hi Mark, I miss you. I started my mornings listening to you on the internet. I hope you get another show soon. You are the best.

A Facebook User

Miss YOU !!! Guess I will have to scroll left on the radio to " 660 " oh my!!!!!
Please let us know where go or what you will be doing.


First no Laura Ingraham? Now no Mark Davis? 2 new "local" live hosts no one knows instead? WBAP was branded by Mark, Rush, Sean, Levine at a minimum. These changes remind me of when /why i quit listening to KLIF.


Damn Mark....I hope everything works out and you stay with WBAP. But if not, wherever you go - you'll have this listener following to wherever you do go. I agree with you about 30% (maybe even less than that) of the time...but you do give me cause to think through my own position on a variety of topics.

Tommy in Corinth


Wow! What a lousy two weeks this has been. Can't believe you are not at BAP to get the mornings going and my brain to engage!! I do pray that you will be able to work out the contract deal. I don't think Cumulus has any idea what they are risking here!! Lots of listeners are going to bail and find someone else to fill those two hours until Rush begins! How can your listeners help????

Russell Miles

I have been missing my mornings listening to you. Cumulus does not know what he is missing. Yes, Ferguson is ok at what he does, but he is no Mark Davis. Your voice was a great radio voice. Hope everything is good & you come back. TC


There are a who lot of people in this twn who miss listening to you, Mark! I really, REALLY hope things work out at WBAP. It would be a big mistake for Cumulus not to resign you, but I know you'll be back on the air soon -- I just hope it's local! (if not, I'll have one more reason to thank God I was born during the Internet era!)

Kay mahoney

Have the libs taken over the stations? Mark davis is gone on the morning On WBAP, jeff bolton is gone on klif 570, laura ingrahm is gone in the evenings on wbap. Where can we go to still hear them all? Do we go to sirus radio? I am soooooo upset!!!!

Tim S

I refused to believe that my favorite Talk Show Boy would be cut off at the knees like that but I obviously could no longer deny it after. Sure do miss you Mark. I know I'm only one voice but hopefully part of the dull roar that communicated collective disappointment to Cumulus.


It appears Cumulus is doing the dirty work that the fair doctrine was intended to do. Buy out stations, end conservative radio. I did not always agree with Mark Davis, but I listened because 95% of the time I did agree. Like many others, I now turn off the radio until Rush comes on. No doubt, they will try to end his and show when his 2013 contract is up. Slow and methodical movement to total control by the left.

Louise smith

Any updates

Eric Lewis

It is a shame to hear that your no longer on WBAP (even if its only for a short time) I started listening to you periodically after I heard you fill in for Rush one day, for the last 2 years or so I've been a daily listener. I'm the only person I know who listens to you (I'm from Buffalo NY) and I tell people all the time they need to listen to you. Your delivery and talent are simply incredible, and know that wherever you end up I will find you on the internet. Hopefully you an get into national syndication, your one of the true great talk show hosts out there, hope to hear you back on the radio soon.

the BORG

Since he (Obama) used the word on TV denouncing the Secret Service and the Hookers and all that 'stuff' in South America ... I thought we all should know of another word that appears only in the dictionary and Obama's teleprompter ... not to be used in general terms or any practical policy of the Regimen... other that I have no strong feelings on the matter
noun \ prō-bə-tē\
Definition of PROBITY
: adherence to the highest principles and ideals : uprightness
See probity defined for English-language learners
Examples of PROBITY
1. a person of indisputable probity must head the disciplinary panel
2. the defense attorney questioned the probity of the witness
Origin of PROBITY
Middle English probite, from Latin probitat-, probitas, from probus honest — more at prove
First Known Use: 15th century
Related to PROBITY
Synonyms: character, decency, goodness, honesty, integrity, morality, rectitude, righteousness, rightness, uprightness, virtue, virtuousness
Antonyms: badness, evil, evildoing, immorality, iniquity, sin, villainy, wickedness
See Synonym Discussion at honesty
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Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for "probity"
Spanish-English Dictionary: Translation of "probity"
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Previous Word in the Dictionary: probit
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