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Nancy Parks

Wow Mark, one time I don't agree with you. Haley's first song was to screamy for me! Not a hard rock fan but James has talent. My two favorites are Scotty and Lauren of course I am a country fan. Haley needs to go home!


I have thought that Scotty would be in the finale (and probably win) since about the second week of the top 13. I'm not even sure he's my favorite, but I am sure he is getting more votes than anyone else. (check out dialidol.com's results for this season and you'll see what I mean)
I thought Gaga was a good mentor. Your description of her as a refuge from a brothel on Jupiter is spot on. But here's the thing, she knows how to sell a song. It's not just about hitting the notes, it's about putting on a huge show to make people remember it - or at least remember the performer. Despite the somewhat inappropriate remarks at times, I think her advice was right on the money to each of them.
I still think Haley's going home tomorrow, but I thought that might have been the case weeks ago. She's got a strong following out there. I don't see her winning this whole thing, but I also don't think her obvious irritation with the judges tonight did her any favors.


I believe Haley is going home. She has not been outstanding on any show. And she sings songs few, if any people, have heard before. "Earth Song"? Really. Of all the inspirational songs in the world, she chooses a lesser Michael Jackson song as hers? No one received the criticism that she did last night. Arguing with the judges is STUPID. YOU need to re-listen to that first performance again. She screeched and screamed through it, at best. Terrible. Going home tonight, for sure. Lauren Alaina was fine in both performances, far better than Haley.

Nancy Parks

Yeah I am so glad Scotty is still with us! Yahoo.....

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