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stubie doak

I said it out loud when Jacob said it, "whoa, is he serious with this?" What next? "If you don't vote for me, you're racist"?


When I heard Jacob's comment I was like, 'Whoaaaa was he kidding?!'

I suppose not.


Mark you nailed it! I concur with each of your reviews this week!


Stefano is my pick to be gone. Then Jacob. Haley got me to like her a little more. But we'll see if she goes back to being plastic.


Let's send Jacob packing

Dave Williams

Haley's growl is affected and annoying. She sang "Piece of My Heart" last week with no apparent understanding of the lyrics, dancing around as she did with that one-note "come hither" attempt to look sexy while singing about how her heart was broken.

Scotty is the only polished performer in the group and after Pia's dismissal I suspect he's the only one who has the talent to make it big.

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