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Woohoo you finally posted, I can go to bed now.


Scotty, Casey, James Top 3?


I think Paul, Stefano, and Jacob bottom 3... I think the 2 girls (not winning) will be safe this time.


A betting man would have to bet on Haley going home simply because: a)Lauren did better than her and b)females are getting the boot. I was figuring DangerZone from Top Gun might have been James' song but I guess Heavy Metal (which is actually hard rock) was ok.


I thought Hailey was the hottest performance of the evening. She really sold it, I could see her as a hooker, a high class hooker, of course. And I am so ready to be done with Jacob and the ever more annoying Paul.


Scotty sings well, but that guy seriously bugs the crap out of me if I'm actually watching. The facial expressions, raised eyebrows, and head tilt on Howdy Doody is way too much cheese!!

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