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OMG Mark! The "gringo lingo" comment made me lol. I agree that Rodriguez didnt bring it tonight. If she was gonna do it she should have chose a much more upbeat Selena tune. BTW if you ever get a chance check out my friend Bryan Duncan s cover on itunes or amazon of Mcartneys "Maybe I'm Amazed", it is much better. Peace!


Whoops my bad. Song not on itunes or amazon his former label was bought out. . It is on youtube however for free to hear. Studio and live versions.


Don't remember Idol contestants ever being this good this early. Would be nice to have Siobahn Magnus back just to have somebody to send home tonight.

My favorite of the pack: Casey. Won't win but is a lot more entertaining than the Adam Lambert clone.


This group is not that good collectively. They say it every year, because they have to support their choices. There is very little star quality amongst this group. And this whole 'pick your idol" thing? Really? Jacob knocks Luther Vandross' song out of the park, and his idol is R. Kelly? James Durbin can rock and scream his head off and his idol is Paul McCarty.
Really Thia? Michael Jackson? This was so contrived. The only believable one was Scotty with Garth. This show continues to jump the shark, but the general public cares little, because we're that easily entertained.

Nancy Parks

I have a feeling that Lauren will do good next week. Have you noticed that after a bad week they usually do so much better the next week. The knock down really humbles them. I find it so much fun to watch the aspects of the competition.
Mark, love the gringo lingo comment too! LOL
I like Jacob Lusk, he needs to not scream next week.
I hope Scott McCreerey goes far, love his voice. Love Paul McDonald's voice too. Casey James is awesome hope he goes far, anyone heard why he is in the hospital?

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